VideoReDo TVSuite - Beta program has ended. Build 564 has been released.

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The beta current beta program has ended. The latest version of TVSuite can be downloaded from our website. A new beta program will commence in a few days.

We thank all participants and appreciate your time and efforts to help make this version of TVSuite a better product.

NOTE: If you want to be emailed each time a new beta is posted, subscribe to this thead by clicking on "Thread Tools" above and selecting the subscribe option.

VideoReDo TVSuite -
[Change] Help File: Help file has been updated to included all changes since the Build 551 release.
[Change] GUI: New task oriented dialog box when closing a file or exiting with unsaved edits.
[Enhancement] Open DVD Folder: Added option to automatically run QSF on the requested DVD title.
[Fix] Open DVD Folder: Added warning dialog about losing unsaved edits.
[Fix] COM: GetCursorTimeMsec was returning valuein hundredths of seconds rather than msec.
[Fix] Authoring: Free disk space check was inccorect if auto temporary folder and output VIDEO_TS were on the same drive.

VideoReDo TVSuite -
[Change] DVD Authoring: "Video and Cropping and Sizing" tab, additional selections added to the "Presets:" list.
[Fix] DVD Burner: Bug in build 561 prevented DVD burner from starting or would launch imgburn application instead.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Clicking on output folder browse button and current default drive no longer exists hangs program.
[Fix] Closed captioning: Bug in build 561 caused NTSC closed caption display to be corrupted. Did not affect edited files.

VideoReDo TVSuite -
[Change] Output status: Added new Shift+Tools>Options, "33, Seconds before output warning triangle appears" to adjust warning triangle.
[Change] DVR-MS Output: "Tagging" option moved to Tools>Options>DVRMS page, defaults to off. Previously on Shift+Toools>Options
[Enhancement] DVD Template: Increased selections for DVD title button highlights: underline, text fill, left arrow.
[Fix] TeleText output: Improved timing of teletext packets in the output transport stream.
[Fix] Subtitles: Full support for multiple subtitle and teletext languages in a single PID.
[Fix] Preview mode: When running in scene mode, Playing in preview mode can hang for a couple seconds when jumping to the next scene.
[Fix] Output status: False display of yellow triangle during dvd authoring fixed.
[Fix] Help File: Some pages display incorrectly when default font size in Internet Explorer set to "Large".
[Fix] DVD Burner: If the VIDEO_TS folder is too large to be burned, then report the DVD size and VIDEO_TS size to the log file.

VideoReDo TVSuite -
[Change] Transport stream: Moved PCR Interval from shift+Tools>Options to Transport parameter page.
[Change] Transport stream: If PCR interval on options page is 0, defaults of 90 msec for NTSC and 40 msec for PAL will be used.
[Enhancement] Transport stream: Added ability to read Humax 8000 transport files by skpping their embedded special data.
[Enhancement] GUI: Added Shift+Tools>Options, "#7 Only allow a single instance of VideoReDo", default is false to preserve current behavior.
[Fix] Tivo: Running QSF on a Tivo file might result in some bad frames at the beginning of the file. Problem began in 552 or 553.
[Fix] Subtitles: Only one subtitle language was being displayed if there were multiple languages on one PID.
[Fix] Output status: Added additional log file statements if "Yellow Triangle" is displayed.
[Fix] Joiner: Joiner time in lower right of the main screen goes blank when a new file is opened in VRD/TVS.
[Fix] GOP Reduction: Remove error message if encoding bit rate exceeds sequence header bit rate.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Better error checking and recovery of bad mpeg streams during recoding.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Authoring library will sometimes mistake an MPEG audio stream for AC3.
[Fix] Converting LPCM 48K to LPCM 44.1K elementary streams crashes VRD
[Fix] AdDetective: Too many scene markers can result in crash due to multi-thread conflict.

VideoReDo TVSuite -
[Change] Thumbnails: Replaced audio graph "log option" with "db scale". Can now set the maximum DB level displayed.
[Change] DVD Burning: DVD Erase Time Estimate More Accurate by taking into account the burner speed setting.
[Change] DVD Authoring: Crop and resize, "Maintain aspect ratio" will respect the preset settings such as pillar box to standard.
[Change] Audio adjustment: Voume changes setting will display in db in addition to multiplying factor.
[Fix] Thumbnail: Audio sync adjustment would not be reflected in thumbnail display when opening or editing a project .
[Fix] DVD Authoring: When estimating recoding bit rate add 2% (3% with closed captions) overhead to prevent too large output.file.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: When DVD menu template was saved with a new name, the new name wasn't being saved with the template.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Warn user, with a message box, if the DVD Muxer returns an 29xx series error such as memory overflow.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Possible sync problem on 2nd and subsequent titles when recoding video. Bug introduced in 557/558
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Multiple titles with different audio encodings might cause some titles to lose audio if 1st title is MPEG audio.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Large GOPs with PAL could cause authoring to hang when recoding.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Authoring could hang with "!" if source files are DVR-MS and leading audio frames don't have a PTS.

VideoReDo TVSuite -
[Change] Select stream: Preserve edits if switching to different audio for current video or warn user about lost edits if switching video
[Enhancement] COM: Added new method AdjustAudioSync() to adjust the sync of the currently open video.
[Fix] Subtitles: DVB subtitles were not being processed when using Tools>Select Stream to choose an alternate stream.
[Fix] DVR-MS source file. Adding a title to a DVR-MS source file will crash TVSuite when saving.
[Fix] DVD Burner: Improved compatability with dual layer burners.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: If AC3 bit rate changes, substitute silent frames to preserve audio sync.
[Fix] Closed captioning: NTSC closed captions were being corrupted by GOP shortening.
[Fix] Autocombine: Autocombine (Tools>Options>Enhanced) broke in build 557.

VideoReDo TVSuite -
[Change] Titling and DVD menu: Automatically selected first textbox in title editor to show sizing handles.
[Change] DVR-MS output: Added Shift+Tools>Options to enable (default) / disable the patching of the DVR-MS file durations.
[Fix] VOB output: DVD Author style VOB files (enabled via shift+Tools>Options> would not output any frames and create large log.
[Fix] Transport streams: Added language code descriptor to all audio streams. Set default language on Tools>Options>Transport
[Fix] Topfield: Marked AC3 PID streams in the Topfield header with 0x2000
[Fix] Titling and DVD Template - Copy and paste only works once.
[Fix] Titling and DVD menus: Defaults were being saved in ..\appData\VideoReDoPlus instead of ...\appData\VideoReDo-TVSuite
[Fix] QuickStream Fix: No resolution is listed when a file is loaded and QuickStream Fix - Enable FIlters is selected, Broken in 556.
[Fix] Project File: Audio stream PID not being properly restored when project is opened. Broken in build 555.
[Fix] Joiner: Add title issues a warning message of "Invalid XML".
[Fix] GUI: When opening a project file and video file wasn't found, option to select an alternate file didn't work.
[Fix] GUI: VPrj files from prior TVSuite build won't open in Build 556.
[Fix] DVD Burner: Burning library, some improvement with burning of dual layer discs. Problems still remain.
[Fix] DVD authoring: Manually entering a DVD output folder could overwrite existing VIDEO_TS folder without warning

VideoReDo TVSuite -
[Change] Localization: Added ability to set language code on the Tools>Options>Startup page.
[Change] DVD Authoring: If source stream is labelled "progressive", authoring will change it interlaced.
[Fix] Transport Streams: Fix for program map sections that cross transport stream boundaries.
[Fix] GOP Reduction: Extremely corrupt source video could cause memory overflow error in MPEG decoder.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Menu button navigation problem with 16:9 menus connected to a 4:3 display.

VideoReDo TVSuite -
[Fix] Transport stream: Transport or .rec files not opening due to audio header error or audio not found.
[Fix] MPEG1: AC3 audio not being properly detected if the source file is an MPEG1 program stream. (e.g. LiteOn DVD recorder).
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Selecting "Combine" when merging overlapping cuts results in wrong estimated sizing.

VideoReDo TVSuite -
[Change] Trim and Copy: If source file is Tivo, Trim and Copy can automatically copy the header to the output file.
[Change] DVR-MS: Added undocumented metadata substitution keyword, "{FILE}" to copy output filename into metadata area.
[Change] DVD Authoring: New checkbox, "Include closed caption" sets max GOP size to 15. Only enabled for NTSC.
[Fix] Transport Streams: "Video not found error" when opening an ATSC stream with video stream type of 0x80.
[Fix] Titling: Add a title to a 50 fps or 60 fps video could create sync isssues and cause resync frames on output.
[Fix] GUI: Title and DVD menu entry screens could show scroll bars even when not needed. Usually with Vista Aero
[Fix] Fast Encoder: Improved bitrate management when shortening GOPs. Will use higher bitrate to minimize blockiness.
[Fix] Expired trial: DVD authoring will create 0 length folder instead of truncated video if multi-title and duration > 15 min.
[Fix] DVR-MS: Blank "Title", "SubTitle", or "Description" could be filled with lots of spaces if not changing the metadata.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Slight corruption possible in DVD closed captions.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Possible sync error on 2nd and subsequent titles starting in build #552.
[Fix] Batch: "&" character displays as ^038 instead of "&" in the "Start x/x...." line.

VideoReDo TVSuite -
[Fix] Tivo: Build 552 would pixelate Tivo files when seeking.
[Fix] GUI: Add shift+Tools>Options to allow resizing of fine-tune slider, was only visible in VideoReDo TVSuite skin.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Muxing closed captions in build 552 could cause a crash in authoring engine.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Default compliant GOP size reduced from 18 to 15 for better closed caption compatibility.

VideoReDo TVSuite -
[Change] Transport Streams: Warn if trying to edit H.264/AVC video stream. Ignore transport maps must be unchecked to work.
[Change] Stream Processing: Updated buffer logic for program and transport streams to use disk I/O more efficiently.
[Change] QuickStreamFix: Auto expand buffer sizes to reduce chance of buffer overflows. Maximum size set via shift+Tools>Options
[Change] GUI: Add shift+Tools>Options to allow resizing of fine-tune slider.
[Change] DVD Authoring: New Pan and Scan option, "Automatic" which lets the user change mode from the DVD Player.
[Change] DVD Authoring: Closed captions are saved to the DVD.
[Fix] Install Wizard: Fixed spelling of "graphic" on the first wizard screen.
[Fix] GOP Reduction: When reducing GOPs, some GOPs could be incorrectly marked as "Closed".
[Fix] GOP Reduction: If using fast encoder, bit rate could be too low which could cause blocking in the picture.
[Fix] DVR-MS: Saving HD material to DVRMS files would result in incorrect file duration.
[Fix] DVR-MS: Closed captioning gets mangled with some digitial broadcasts.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Output size estimate could be wrong after running AdDetective.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Improve reliability of percent complete and estimated time remaining and avoid yellow triangle.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: If user selects manual folder on Tools>Options>DVD but doesn't specify a folder, authoring will get error=3
[Fix] DVD Authoring: If authoring aborts due to bad data, burner could still start even though there is no video_ts folder.
[Fix] Closed captioning: Closed captions including HD captions are now preserved even if the video is recoded for DVD authoring.

VideoReDo TVSuite -
[Change] Output status: Change estimated time remaining from mmm:ss to hh:mm:ss when more than 60 minutes remaining.
[Change] GUI: Added option to Log menu so that the user can add a custom message to the log file. Shortcut Ctrl+Shift+L
[Fix] Purchase upgrade: Bad URL for the purchse upgrade button on the Plus to TVSuite upgrade splash screen.
[Fix] Output status: Status displays yellow triangle during audio packetizing.
[Fix] Joiner: Default output of .TS, .DVR-MS or .REC saves to wrong file type.
[Fix] GUI: Splash screen caption and Help>About would display "VideoReDo" not VideoReDo TVSuite".
[Fix] DVD Burner: Optional SPTD protocol (Shift+Tools>Options) didn't work.
[Fix] DVD Burner: Improved compatability with standalone players with fix in the burning SDK for IFO patching.
[Fix] DVD Burner: Auto selection of DVD drive didn't work if there were multiple drives.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Bug in VLC causes crash when playing VRD created DVDs with no menu

VideoReDo TVSuite -
[Fix] GUI: DVD project and Menu template dialogs would show unnecessary scroll bars if the dialog almost filled the screen.
[Fix] DVD Burner: Multiple "Unsupported operation" messages displayed after disc ejected.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Authoring a single file via batch (File>Queue to Batch) is now working.
[Fix] Chapter Marks: Imported marks formatted with DFTC could be off by 1-2 frames.

VideoReDo TVSuite -
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Fixed a navigation problem with 12 title DVD template.
[Fix] DVD Burner: Burner could sometimes create bad discs if there was no menu.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Fixed DVD output size estimation logic to eliminate oversized discs.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Source file with short GOPs and LPCM audio might cause DVD authoring to hang.
[Fix] DVD Burner: Add support for ASPI and SPTD protocols. WinASPI included in installation. Protocol option on Shift+Tools>Options
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Balloon that pops up after authoring is complete says "VideoReDo Plus" not TVSuite.
[Fix] Titler: Save as can crash with 0 for leadin secs with PAL video. Might happen with NTSC if leadin is not 0.5 second interval.
[Fix] Titling and DVD template: Pasting a background from clipboard create a corrupt DVD folder.
[Fix] Chapter Marks: Equal spaced chapters would not be created if exclusive and cut marks are set and front of file is trimmed.
[Enhancement] COM: New function SetFilterDimensions( width, height) to filter output. Must be invoked between FileOpen and FileSave
[Change] DVD Authoring: A check for 23.98 FPS at 720x576 (PAL) can no longer be authored. Warning message displayed.
[Change] DVD Authoring: Changed "adapter_disc_type" to 0 which means DVD-ROM instead of DVD-R and should make discs more compatible.

VideoReDo TVSuite -
[Fix] DVD Authoring: LPCM/WAV audio could hang in the DVD muxing stage if there was more than one title.
[Fix] DVD Templates: DVD button outline colors where not being loaded from saved templates.
[Fix] Tivo HD: Improved detection of bogus MPEG audio stream in TivoHD imported files.
[Fix] Batch: Ad-Detective scan will crash if running in silent mode on WinXP. Was OK on Vista. (new fix).
[Fix] Tivo output: Unable to save to Tivo format if output stream is AC3.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Unlimited DVD size is limited by number of titlesets to 10 GB.
[Fix] DVD Burner: If VIDEO_TS folder was empty, a "disk write" error would be displayed instead of proper warning.
[Fix] Titler and template dialogs: Clicking on "Background Graphic" radio button and then cancelling File open dialog might loop.
[Fix] DVD Burner: Would not always report an error after disc write error.
[Change] DVD Burner: Added a "Maximum" selection to the speed dropdown to always burn at max speed.
[Change] Output: TVSuite will always program information to the log file regardless of the "Diagnostics setting."
[Change] Batch: Added back output type: MPG (MPEG with blank NAV packets)

VideoReDo TVSuite -
[Fix] Save Chapter File: Files matching default extension (i.e. *.txt) were not being shown in the file save dialog.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Converting AC3 to MPEG audio would fail on second file if recoding video.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Estimated time remaining would reset for each file during final DVD muxing phase instead of progressing smoothly.
[Fix] Thumbnails: Possible fix for message: "Sequence header not found after a seek"
[Fix] DVD Burner: Support for full erase of RW media. Note, a full erase may take up to 65 minutes.
[Fix] DVD Burner: Improved media detection and media speed.
[Fix] DVD Burner: Video_TS folder location will now default to last created DVD folder.
[Fix] DVD Burner: Will remember previous screen location..
[Fix] DVD Burner: Burner will now split dual layer data evenly to avoid time consuming padding.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Possible sync problem on 2nd and subsequent titles when recoding video and cut points overlap between titles.
[Fix] MPEG Encoder: Improved handling of default matricies when recoding for DVDs.
[Fix] Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+D (switch between time and bytes) wasn't working.
[Fix] Tivo HD: Might incorrectly report "Not MPEG1 Audio stream" during open even if audio was AC3.
[Fix] Tivo files: If Tivo reader throws an error, The Tivo reader isn't properly released.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: If recoding and changing audio to LPCM can cause crash.
[Enhancement] Chapter Marks: Ability to automatically import previously saved chapter marks upon file open.
[Enhancement] Chapter Marks: New option on Tools>Options>Chapters to not create auto equal spaced chapters if other marks already created.
[Change] Output status: Added current source video filename to the display.
[Change] DVD Authoring: Reduced "fudge factor" from 280 MB to 50 MB. User can reduce further using shift+Tools>Options.

VideoReDo TVSuite -
[Fix] Fast Encoder: Might crash with 1080i material. Re-enable using shift+Tools>Options, set #38 to true.
[Fix] DVRMS: Metadata not showing up if TVSuite is run on XP and MCE is running while editing.
[Fix] QSF: Removed DVD folder as an allowable output option.
[Fix] Cropping / Resizing: Automatic widescreen to pillar box cropping values were incorrect.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Encoding at low bitrates (2.5 Mbps or less) could trigger encoder to encode at less than 1 Mbps.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Certain menu button alignments could prevent navigation to some titles.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: If text is completely blank in Title text, no navigation button will appear in the authored DVD.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Recoding could hang on third file if previous files had cut points on first 2 B-frames of a GOP.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Estimated size is 0 if running in scene made and user clicks on "Add Selection" right after opening the file.
[Fix] Advanced Stream:Option to set the sequence header to the average bit rate wasn't working.
[Fix] Joiner/DVD: Joining or authoring multiple 720p programs will crash on during output.
[Fix] Batch: Ad-Detective scan will crash if running in silent mode on WinXP. Was OK on Vista.
[Fix] Entering any odd numeric character gives an even number in crop boxes
[Fix] Recoding: Recoder might remember the bit rate from the previous DVD until VideoReDo was restarted.
[Fix] DVD folder output is still listed in batch as an output option.
[Fix] Titler dialog: Using any of the spin button (up/down arrows) to change a number would cause window to blank.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Program might abort if a filename or title description contains a "%" character.
[Enhancement] Output options: Added ability to change audio sampling rate to 44.1KHz or 48KHz.
[Change] Install Wizard: Create application data folder if doesn't exist which can happen if running from a different user acct.
[Change] Project Save: Wouldn't remember last opened project folder is project file was dragged into TVSuite.
[Change] DVD Burning: Add option on Tools>Options>DVD to not force padding of short (<1GB) DVDs.
[Change] DVD Authoring: Add ability to change the background color from black when converting to letter or pillbar box.
[Change] Tivo HD: Support for reading TiVo HD files. Would not always correctly identify the audio stream.

VideoReDo TVSuite -
[Fix] Cropping / Resizing: Cropping area could be a few pixels different between what was displayed on crop screen and actual DVD.
[Fix] Thumbnails: TVSuite can crash with memory error if thumbnails are displayed and GOP has more than 100 frames.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Encoded bit rate still too low on long encoding runs. (Over compressions).
[Fix] DVD Burner: Burner might intermittently crash or hang after successful burning has completed.
[Change] DVD Authoring: Option all to remember clipping rectangle. Clipping algorithm is now more accurate. (incorrectly reported in 542)
[Change] Project Save: New Tools>Options>General option to specify the default location of the project file.

VideoReDo TVSuite -
[Fix] File saving: Video with GOPs > 100 frames causing memory overflows in a variety of places. (reported fixed in 541, but wasn't).
[Fix] DVD Authoring: OK button on DVD project ISO wouldn't renable if you cleared the volume name.
[Fix] DVD Burner: Blanc disc mis-spelled. Should be Blank disc.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Additional fixes for large non-compliant GOPs. Should handle GOPs <=50 frames.
[Fix] Joiner: Output from joiner could result in bad timestamp resulting in a minor AV/Sync issue.
[Fix] Sync problem: Intermittent sync problem could cause wrong timestamp on a video frame.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Timing issue at end of file could cause recoding to hang on last frame.
[Change] DVD Authoring: Can now change the background color when resizing or creating letter / pillar boxes.
[Change] DVD Authoring: Recoding bitrate algorithm re-written to reduce over compression.
[Change] Capture frame: Can now save captured frames to .jpg, .png, and .tif in addition to .bmp
[Change] BPrj files: New option on Tools>Options>General to store BPRJ files in the same folder as the source video.
[Change] DVD Authoring: Option all to remember clipping rectangle. Clipping algorithm is now more accurate.VideoReDo

TVSuite -
[Fix] DVR-MS: Estimated size calculation is wrong if DVR-MS file is > 4GB.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: If cropping enabled, default output bit rate could be incorrect if source video was less than 4.7GB.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: LPCM / WAV audio might crash authoring or be missing the audio stream.
[Fix] LPCM / WAV output: Saving LPCM to program stream (.mpg) file created corrupt audio packets, heard as static.
[Fix] File Save: Choosing DVD folder from menu option File>Save As would cause GPF after authoring began.
[Fix] Joiner Create : Removed DVD output option from list of possible file types.
[Fix] Joiner and DVD editor: Editing an entry will invert cuts when loaded back into VideoReDo.
[Fix] File saving: Video with GOPs > 100 frames could cause memory overflows in a variety of places.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Could hang on some 720p when recoding down to standard def.
[Fix] GUI: Large fonts (120 dpi) would clip DVD and titler dialogs on display of 1024x768 or less.
[Fix] Cropping / Resizing: Letterboxing or pillar boxing, blank area being filled with random color.
[Change] MPEG Encoder: Reencoding would often over compress. Should now be much closer to requested bit rate.
[Change] Thumbnails: Default thumbnail interval on initial install will be single frame.
[Change] DVD Authoring: 352x240 (NTSC) and 352x288 (PAL) are now accepted as compliant encoding dimensions.
[Change] Thumbnails: Display "No audio stream found." message if there isn't any audio in the file.
[Change] VLst: Default for VLst file location is now in the user's application folder rather than source folder.
[Change] Queue to Batch: BPRJ file now stored in user's application folder instead of source file folder.
[Change] DVD Authoring: 44.1Khz audio not currently support. Issue warning message until feature is completed.
[Change] GOP Reduction: Optimal GOP reduction now enabled by default.
[Change] DVD Authoring: Default max GOP size increased from 35 to 50. Used when user doesn't specify a maximum GOP.
[Change] Output status: Animated graphic added to output status to indicate that the program is still working.
[Change] MPEG Encoder: New shift+Tools>Options, Minimum quant. x 100. Lower values can increase bitrate for scenes with little detail.
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If you want to be alerted to future beta releases, please subscript to this thread.

Note that in beta 541 we didn't not address a report metadata issues on XP MCE.
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Beta 542 has been posted.

We recommend that all users using TVSuite upgrade to this beta as it resolves: 1) Critical sync issues, 2) Allows larger GOPs for non-compliant videos, and 3) Handles 720p files being broadcast with very long GOPs.

A few new enhancements are in this build as well:

a) You can change the background color for letter / pillar boxes.
b) Will optionally remember the cropping rectangle.
c) BPRJ files can be saved to the source video folder (Tools>Options>General).
d) Frame capture can save to .jpg/.png/.tif in addition to .bmp.
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Beta 543 has been posted.

Some fixes and some enhancements including the default project file folder.


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Release 3-1-3-544 has been posted.

This is an FYI in case you receive an email or check for updated version message. Build 544 has been posted. Same as 543, but with a couple of corrected spelling errors in the burner. No need to upgrade if you're using 543.

You can find the release version here:
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Build 545 has been posted.

Lots of fixes, so please read the release notes.

For those who have had problems burning with audio recorded 44,100 or 32,000 sampling rates, this build solves that issue.

The fast encoder has been fixed. It could cause a crash with 1080i material. You can re-enable it by going to shift+Tools>Options and setting #38 Use Fast Encoder to True.

Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions.
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Build 546 has been posted.

Changes in the release notes, but here are some highlights:

1) Better support for reading files from Tivo HD/S3.

2) Chapter mark import. This is an automatic feature which will import chapter marks from previously saved chapter files. Enable it using Tools>Options>Chapters. There's a new option on that page: "Only if no other chapter marks". This prevents equal spaced intervals from being created when there are other chapter marks. If you are importing a previously edited file and there are already chapter marks, and make an additional cut, you don't want to add new equally spaced chapters otherwise you'll have double sets of chapters.

3) A rare but critical fix for synchronization when recoding video and there are more than one title. Sync problem would only occur on the 2nd and/or later titles.

4) The output status dialog (one with the moving graphic) layout has been slightly changed to show the current filename being processed.
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Build 547 has been posted.

Please see release notes above for changes and fixes.


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Build 548 has been posted.

Should have corrected the unsupported operation in the DVD Burner.

Please see release notes for changes and fixes.


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Build 549 has been posted.

OK we really think we've got the unsupported operation fixed in the DVD burner.

Other minor fixes.

Please note, this build will be our next official release.
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Beta build 551 has been posted.

This build has some important fixes for DVD Burning. So if you're having any issues with burning please upgrade to it right away.

It also addresses the Yellow triangle appearing during the "audio packetizing ends" stage. The estimated remaining time may still count up some during that stage, but at least the triangle won't appear.

Changed the way that DVD menus are created to bypass a bug in VLC when you select "No menus" in TVSuite.


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Beta build 552 has been posted.

More fixes for DVD burning.

Closed captioning (CC) for DVR-MS HD files should be working as well as preservation of CC data through the recoding process. Please note that CC is for NTSC video only.


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Beta Build 553 has been posted

- There was a problem with DVD closed captioning (added in 552) which could cause crashing during authoring and should be fixed.

- When editing Tivo files, you could see pixelation while editing.


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Beta Build 554 has been posted.

- Sync fix for multi-title DVD authoring which started in Build 553.

- Fix for NTSC closed captioning issue when authoring which could resulting in authoring to crash. Started with Builds 552/553.

- Titling sync issue for 50 fps and 59.94 fps material.

Please see release notes for complete list.


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Beta Build 555 has been posted.

- Should the file audio packet not found when opening some transport stream files.

- Will now open MPEG1 files recorded on a DVD without messing up the AC3 audio.


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Beta Build 556 has been posted.

- Includes support for localization (Translations). If you're interested in helpping out with translating any non-english version please let us know either by email to support @ or a private message to Pat (PHD). The process it pretty simple, and we have a great tool that leads you through the process.

- Other fixes, (Minor) listed in the release notes.


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Beta Build 557 has been posted.

- Some improvement in dual layer burning, but not yet 100%. Please give it a try if you've been having issues with it.

- We made some improvements in Topfield output. Would appreciate in knowing if we fixed the AC3 not working on Australian Topfields.


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Beta Build 558 has been posted. Please see the release notes for details.

- Dual Layer bunring: If you have been having problems with dual layer burning, please give this build a try as it has addressed a host of dual layer compatability issues.

- Vista MCE thumbnails: There is a new hidden option that seems to make dvr-ms files created by TVSuite show thumbnails in Vista MCE. To enable it, go to shift+Tools>Options and change, "#30 Tag DVR-MS stream types" from true to false. Any DVR-MS saved or QSF'd from this point on will show a thumbnail in Vista. We have tested bth HD and SD material on Vista and XP MCE and they seem to play just fine. However, NTSC material is not always working on XBox 360 MCE. Would appreciate confirmation of this from someone. This flag only changes some headers in the MCE file so if you want to revert to the old format (tag = true) you can do so at any time. Files saved in the new format can be recoonverted to the old format should a problem arise. I'll start a new thread about this for feedback.

- Two recent requests were added to this build. A new COM function to adjust sync (see COM reference in the help file) and the ability to preserve edits when switching audio streams.


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Beta Build 559 has been posted:

1) The "log scale" option on the thumbnail options page has been removed and replaced by a "db" option. There is a drop down to set the maximum scale size although I found it doesn't seem to expand the scale that much, so we may need to add additional levels to the drop down. Please let us know.

In DB display mode, the scale ranges from -96db ( complete silence) to 0 db at the top. This is a fixed scale range and doesn't rescale to the displayed data like the non-log scale does. Using the dropdown on the options screen, the 0 db can be changed to -6, -12, -24, to expand the detail. Most TV shows I looked at seem to have content in the -40 to -30 db range, but can peak to -12 or -6 db at the loudest levels.

In conjunction with this, the audio volume adjustment will now display the adjustment in db in addition to the old x factor display (i.e. 2x = 6db).

Please see change log above for all other fixes.
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Beta Build 560 has been posted.

1) Subtitles are still in alpha. We've improved the display and processing of subtitles when there are multiple VBI or subpics in the same PID, but that work is not yet complete. So if you see multiple languages on the main view menu for the same PID, its a bit random which one will actually be displayed on screen yet. This will be addressed shortly. However, this is only a display issue and all languages should be preserved on output. Please keep reporting subtitle issue to us, your assistance has been most appreciated.

2) Single instance option now available on the shift+Tools>Options menu. However, this option also affects batch (COM) processing so that you can't launch a COM session if a main session is already active. The default behavior is to retain the multi-instance behavior so it shouldn't be an issue for most users.

Please see change log for other important fixes.
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