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Build TVSuite V4 has been posted:

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H264 Editing - (2013-02-27)
[Fix] DVD Authoring: DVD authoring will hang if there are multiple source files that have DVB subs.

H264 Editing - (2013-02-23)
[Enhancement] Output profiles: New cropping presets for converting Top/Bottom or Left/Right 3D to 2D.
[Fix] MPEG2 MP4/MKV: Incorrect navigation for MPEG2 streams in MP4 or MKV wrapper.
[Fix] MKV: VideoReDo created MKV won't FF/RW a few players or TVs.
[Fix] H.264: Interlaced stream coded as POC_order_type = 2, with non-reference frames, and missing AUD, not being properly demuxed.
[Fix] Cropping: Crash when cropping on right and difference between source and dest = crop: Resize 1920 > 1440 crop 480 from right.

H264 Editing -
[Change] WTV profiles: Fix to disable WTV profiles for XP and Vista disabled output for Vista TVPack, will also check for W8 MCE install.
[Change] GUI: Changed save "reduce CPU" to process "background priority", rather than previous of reducing output thread priority.
[Fix] AAC: Converting LATM to ADTS (without recoding) created bad AAC stream.
[Fix] H.264: Recoding an MPEG2 with 2:3 telecine to H.264 progressive would create combed frames.
[Fix] Profile: Force recode wouldn't work if the max bit rate of the force recode profile matched the header bit rate of the source.
[Fix] Profile: Problem with setting the normalization level. Would not persist at a level other than 0.0 db.

H264 Editing - (2013-02-01)
[Change] H.264: Internal change in the way the decoder module is loaded.
[Change] Win8: A few users experiencing lockup during install due to license manager issues.Fix] DVD Authoring: Changing a video setting, even GOP length, would force force unnecessary recode.
[Fix] MPEG2 stream: Doing QSF with filters on a large file without MPEG1 Layer 2 audio reads whole file before starting QSF.
[Fix] H.264: GOP accurate cut could trigger additional audio resync frames.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Changed settings in the project page not being saved to the project file.
[Fix] Profile grid: If options selected in file save dialog and user checks "Save as New Profile", unable to edit the new profile name
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Crash when saving to DVD with GOP longer then 32
[Fix] H.264: Joiner forces unnecessary recode with H.264
[Fix] Installer: DefaultProfiles.xml was not being overwritten on install or removed on uninstall.
[Fix] MP4/MKV: Output file names are incorrect for non-latin characters for MP4/MKV. (Broken after 629)

H264 Editing - (2013-01-07)
[Enhancement] AAC: When converting LATM//LOAS to ADTS headers, dynamically update the channel configuration during output.
[Enhancement] Installer: Sample VRD_REGISTRY.INI now automatically installed as VRD_REGISTRY.INI.sample
[Enhancement] More graceful DRM detection in WTV
[Enhancement] Tivo: Two new Tivo output profiles: MPEG2 & H.264 Tivo-TS (premiere). These files can be transferred to a Premiere TiVo.
[Enhancement] WTV: Added internal WTV metadata reader so that WTV files can be opened in XP, Vista or W8 (without MCE).
[Change] Batch: Check the output complete XML and if zero frames output mark as error / warning rather than good.
[Change] GUI: Added to Shift+Tools>Options: "77 Cut mode includes final frame"
[Change] GUI: File > Queue to batch, Option to disable "No cuts warning". (same as file save option).
[Change] GUI: License manager update to 9.40a.
[Change] GUI: Updated license manager to Version 9.40
[Change] MPEG2 stream: Automatically resize audio buffers on output to reduce audio buffer overflow messages (only multi-audio = 1)
[Change] Profile & Profile grid: Add "no change" option to CBR/VBR setting.
[Change] Transport muxing: Add random access indicator to the first TS packet for each GOP.
[Critical Fix] WTV: Output of a WTV file on Windows 8 with AAC audio causes a crash.
[Fix] DVD output: Limit DVD chapters to 99 to comply with DVD standard.
[Fix] DVR-MS output: Output would stall creating TOD. Broken in 644.
[Fix] GUI: VMR and EVR drivers would incorrectly show "silent mode" in the log file.
[Fix] H.264: Time code reported on main screen may not match displayed frame when "Default WAV" audio is selected, T>O>Devices
[Fix] MPEG1 Audio: Mono audio wasn't being converted to stereo and caused double speed playback.
[Fix] MPEG2 Preview: Switching to preview after Ad Detective reaches end of file could hang application if not using IPPDecoder.
[Fix] MPEG2 program stream: Not always detecting multiple MPEG1 Layer 2 streams when stream is I-Frame encoded.
[Fix] MPEG2 stream: Multiple second I-frame seeking not working with some files.
[Fix] MPEG2: If first GOP of the file is same or larger than video buffer size, output could crash,
[Fix] Muxing: Rare muxer timing issue causes output to hang at 100%, very intermittent more likely if recoding multiple audio streams
[Fix] Program stream: Multiple MPEG/AAC streams in a program stream no longer working (broken in 645).
[Fix] TS streams: Unable to open TS file when PMT had multiple program_numbers on the same PID. & first program had no data.
[Fix] Topfield 5800: Event text description was being truncated to 128 characters when field allows 256 characters.
[Fix] Batch/COM: If the output project / cut list has zero output frames, warning message would display even in silent mode.

H264 Editing - (2012-10-18)
[Change] Subtitles: Increase the maximum allowed number of subtitles in a transport stream from 7 to 10.
[Fix] GUI: The VLST files created by "Combine" will not work in build 644 due to partial Unicode support (broken in 644).

H264 Editing - (2012-10-10)
[Enhancement] GUI: Added to closed captioning type (608/708/DVD) to Tools>Show Program info.
[Change] AC3: Change default downmix matrix to stereo rather than surround to improve output gain and channel seperation.
[Change] GUI: Checkbox to disable "No cuts warning" when saving in cut mode. Can be reset via shift+Tools>Options 58
[Change] H.264: Support for AAC ADTS audio when there are no PMT, or ignore TS program maps is set.
[Change] MKV muxing: Aspect ratio flag being set incorrectly. Flag is optional and has been removed.
[Change] MPEG2 pro encoder: Added support for field order setting tff / bff and dc precision in the advanced XML parameters.
[Change] Tools>Show Program Info: Add drop down box to "OK" which opens the source file folder in explorer and selects file.
[Change] Tools>Show Program Info: For MPEG2 files, show if file is CBR/VBR.
[Change] ffmpeg MPEG2 Encoder: Add support for more advanced encoding options: field order, quantizer, dc precision.
[Fix] MP4/MKV: FFmpeg muxer header buffer not large enough causing invalid output with certain files.
[Fix] Audio: Manual audio adjustment from the GUI no longer works.
[Fix] Batch: Changed the way output complete information block is built, to prevent crash at end of file.
[Fix] Color space convertor: Support 4:2:2 in addition to 4:2:0.
[Fix] GUI: Adjusting audio is considered a "valid edit" so that Ctrl-P can be used to save a project, and warn user of unsaved edits.
[Fix] GUI: After closing a video, VideoReDo can be resized infinitely small instead of being limited to minimum windows size.
[Fix] GUI: Removing a scene marker should be considerd an "unsaved edit" allowing project save and exit warning.
[Fix] H.264: Fixed SEI user data closed caption support.
[Fix] H.264: When smart editing, if VUI parameters specify a search range more than allowed for the level_id, encoder would abort.
[Fix] MP4/MKV: If packet reader returns a stream index > number of active streams, throws assert and could corrupt memory.
[Fix] MPEG2 IPP, Fixed problems when decoding field encoded files.
[Fix] MPEG2 IPP: When switching from preview to edit mode and cursor at end of file, TVSuite would hang.
[Fix] MPEG2 to H.264: Program will crash if multi-audio option (Shift+Tools>Options) is set to 0.
[Fix] Tivo: Opening a .tivo file with wrong MAK resulted in crash. Broken in 641.

H264 Editing - (2012-08-24)
[Fix] Batch: Batch not working (broken in 640).
[Fix] MP4/MKV: Missing FFmpeg DLLs in build prevent opening of MP4/MKV files (broken in 640).

H264 Editing - (2012-08-23)
[Enhancement] ES muxing: Improved detection of H.264 elementary stream checks to improve ES muxing.
[Enhancement] PCM Audio: Support for 24 bit PCM in a DVD format.
[Fix] GUI: Dialog which asks for permission to check for program updates had non-translatable string.
[Fix] H.264: Frame rate being calculated as 59.94 instead of 29.97 when vui_parameters did not have fixed_frame_rate field set.
[Fix] H264: Change audio buffer management to automatically increase the buffer size during output to reduce fatal overflows.
[Fix] MKV/MP4 output: FFmpeg muxer crashes when creating a file with chapters.
[Fix] MPEG program stream: Packet reader is returning H264 stream type when it should be MPEG2 Very rare problem.
[Fix] MPEG2 IPP, Preview mode would hang on XP.
[Fix] Profile: On fresh install profile list would show as empty if user file OutputProfilesEx.xml didn't exist (broke in 631).
[Fix] Thumbnails: Color smearing in the thumbnails fixed when displaying 4:2:2 files using the IPP decoder.
[Fix] WTV output: 22 languages have multiple ISO language codes, when saving to WTV map to the one wanted by WTV.

H264 Editing - ( 2012-06-19)
[Enhancement] MPEG2 stream: Re-wrote the multi-stream audio video resyncing.
[Enhancement] Profile: Added new profile parameter to adjust audio sync. Adds to manual sync adjustment. (Requires profile grid).
[Change] GUI: Muti-windows DX support has been removed. Use VMR7, VMR9 or EVR instead.
[Change] H.264, Add option to Tools>Options>H.264 to select the frame rate from either the container frame rate or the stream frame rate.
[Change] H264: Speed up file open when SPS has pic_struct_present_flag, but pic_struct not in file. Will now search for 2 GOPs not 5.
[Change] Profile: Move the deinterlacer from the crop and resize filter to it's own filter to improve multi-thread performance.
[Change] Tools>Options: Profile option to trigger VBR/CBR, only enabled for multi-audio = 1. Now works with multi-audio = 0. (Pro only)
[Change] Video display: Setting View>Brightness and contrast to maximum will switch display window to monochrome.
[Fix] ES Muxer: Disable internal search for audio files with matching names if no audio files were specifed in the ES GUI.
[Fix] H.264: When smart editing, if B-Weighted prediction is set, H.264 encoder throws an error and output stops.
[Fix] MP4 muxer: When recoding an entire file, the End of Sequence code would be written as an extra frame.
[Fix] MPEG Stream: MP3 being detected as MP2 due to false positive detection of MP2 in an MP3 block.
[Fix] MPEG2 IPP decoder: Fixed intermittent crash during video dimension change.
[Fix] MPEG2 decoding: Undefined behavior with the IPP Decoder with DVD formatted NTSC captions or if duplicate captions (Comcast Tivo)
[Fix] Profile: Manual audio gain in profile was being overridden by manual volume. They are now cumulative.
[Fix] QSF: Enable filters wasn't working with WTV and some MKV files.
[Fix] WTV: An error in the WTV read logic could cause rare corrupt packets near the skip chunks.
[Fix] WTV: Joiner logic to use metadata from longest WTV/DVR-MS file wasn't working if the files were more than a couple minutes.

H264 Editing -
[Change] Configuration wizard: Always re-enable the IPP decoding even if configuration wizard is cancelled.
[Change] GUI: Help>Log file>Open folder, will now both open the folder and highlight the current log file.
[Change] H.264: Support for NTSC/ATSC captioning in H.264 transport and wtv streams.
[Change] Shift+Tools>Options: Remove option to not display video in batch/COM silent mode. Make no display the default.
[Fix] AC3: An invalid AC3 audio frame a sampling rate of 0 could cause a crash.
[Fix] GUI: Popup displays in the wrong place when the task bar is not at the bottom of the primary monitor.
[Fix] H.264 output: Output could hang or crash if sync problem appeared, but self corrected a few seconds later.
[Fix] Key entry: "Upgrade from earlier" spelled wrong.
[Fix] MPEG2 decoder: Add exception handler to trap overflows from corrupt video data. Affects recoding & playback (IPP decoding)
[Fix] MPEG2 IPP decoder: Thumbnail preview display could get stuck and not respond to play if IPP enabled.
[Fix] MPEG2 thumbnails: Switching to preview while positioned in final cut section shows cut frames in TN window.
[Fix] Navigation bar doesn't display properly when width is greater an approx. 3000 pixels.
[Fix] WTV muxing: Saving to H.264 might create excessive number of false errors in the log file if DVRMS CC is enabled.

H264 Editing -
[Change] GUI: Tools>Options, set focus at initial dialog display to left pane to allow for quick keyboard navigation to topic.
[Change] MP4 reader: Accept files that don't start with "ftyp" atom.
[Change] Ouput profiles: WTV profiles are no longer displayed as option on XP or Vista since WTV isn't supported.
[Change] Profiles MPEG2: If CBR set ( e.g. VBR 'No') in intelligent profile, create a CBR video stream using header bit rate.
[Change] Tools>Options: Removed manual option to force CBR to VBR. All CBR forced to VBR with intelligent output.
[Fix] (634 fix) MPEG2 IPP decoder: Ad-detective much slower with IPP enabled than with it off.
[Fix] (634 fix) MPEG2 decoder: Fixes to the MPEG2 IPP decoder . Encoder enabled by default after install
[Fix] (634 fix) WTV: Saving to WTV from batch or from GUI (if installed in c:\program files...) would error if not run elevated.
[Fix] (634 fix) Windows XP: Application crash on exit if a file save was performed.
[Fix] (634 fix) Batch: Adding a file in the batch manager causes the save folder to change to it's parent.
[Fix] (634 fix) Batch: Right clicking output complete window and selecting print in batch caused lock up.
[Fix] (634 fix) GUI: New style folder select dialog does not work in Vista. Worked OK in Windows 7.
[Fix] Batch QSF: Output options not reset on second file load from batch. Could trigger crash or un-expected behavior.

H264 Editing -
[Enhancement] Add bitrate calculator to profile dialog
[Enhancement] Allow "Same As Source" resolution setting in profiles. Displayed as SAS.
[Enhancement] Batch manager: Add output and output complete report to batch manager.
[Enhancement] COM: Add COM call to pause output. Also available via new batch manager.
[Enhancement] COM: Add ability to override user profiles path from COM
[Enhancement] ES file: If opening an ES file in TVS4, show a task dialog that starts the muxer and loads the file into the muxer.
[Enhancement] GUI: Output Complete dialog, new format. Can open file in VRD, Containing folder, or click on link at top for default program.
[Enhancement] Joiner: WTV/DVR-MS will now save the metadata in the output file from the longest joined segment.
[Enhancement] Logging: New Logging options to Tools>Options>Startup. Save logs by date, auto delete older logs files.
[Enhancement] MPEG2 decoder: New multi-threaded MPEG2 decoder used for main movie window and thumbnails. Can be disabled via S+T>O
[Enhancement] Move manual options to main UI and consolidate diagnostics settings
[Enhancement] Output Complete dialog: Add option to open file after output
[Enhancement] Output Status: Add pause button to output status window to temporarily pause output.
[Enhancement] Profile: Add option to change AAC streams in TS and WTV from LATM to ADTS.
[Enhancement] Profile: Replace negative cropping values with border rectangle when using profile grid. Border rect uses output dimensions.
[Enhancement] Profile: When cropping from the File>Save>Options, new checkbox allows output dimensions to be calculated automatically.
[Enhancement] Titling: Add option to edit menu to override default fade-in / fade-out / and duration seconds.
[Enhancement] Video Drivers: New EVR driver (T>O>Playback) for Vista and W7 systems. Works better with RDP than VMR9.
[Change] Add program info XML output to COM interface
[Change] Batch QSF: Make the QSF filter dimensions option in batch persist between runs.
[Change] GUI: Added shift+Tools>Options 0000061 to automatically add date to log file.
[Change] GUI: Completion alerts: Bring main window to front option, now turned off by default (new installs only).
[Change] GUI: Diagnostics setting consolidated from T>O>Stream and T>O>H.264 to Tools>Options>General.
[Change] MPEG2 decoder: 4:2:2 video is now properly displayed. However, DirectX no longer works and reverts to VMR7.
[Change] MPEG2 encoding; Add filter to support MPEG2 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 encoding using FFMPEG.
[Change] MPEG2 stream: Significant speed improvement when working with high bit rate (>20 Mbps) program streams.
[Change] Profile editor: Allow grid display window to be resizeable.
[Change] Profile editor: Grid display is not properly picking previously set cropping parameters.
[Change] Profile: Add new output profile option "EditAccuracy" to specify GOP- or frame-accurate editing.
[Change] Profile: Add target file size to automatically compute bit rate to "Advanced Options" if profile is "Intelligent".
[Change] Profiles: Need cropping options to identify the number of VBI lines at the top and bottom of the screen.
[Change] Project files: Can now (again) read old style project files created by COMSkip.
[Change] Tools>Options>Favorite Places: Convert the browse to use the Vista style folder selection dialog.
[Change] VBI insertion: If recoding, and output dimensions are 512 or 608, always insert CStreamProcessVBIGenerator into the graph.
[Change] VBI insertion: Move the VBI insertion from the resizer to the MCPro and regular MPEG encoders.
[Change] Video drivers: VMR driver will now default to Windowsless mode, previous versions used Windows mode, can be changed via S+T>O
[Change] Vista file open dialog changes.
[Change] WTV: Remove shift+Tools>Option option for using old-style SBEReader.
[Change] WTV: Saving WTV from non-WTV file or editing metadata in WTV doesn't output to the "duration" metadata.
[Fix] Batch: Newest version requires admin elevation to save WTV in batch. User will be prompted it not already running elevated.
[Fix] Cut mode output: 720p cutting is off by one frame.(applies to both MPEG2 and H.264).
[Fix] ES Muxer: Warn user if overwriting existing output file.
[Fix] FFMpeg MPEG2 encoding: Speed and quality issues.
[Fix] File open DVD: On Windows 7, use the new folder search dialog format.
[Fix] File save dialog: New file save dialog, if changing output options using the grid, won't save to new dialog.
[Fix] H.26 stream: Bottom field of a frame could be treated as a separate frame if the file switches from progressive to interlace.
[Fix] H.264 playback: Intermittent pixelation about 1 second after playback started due to unneeded reset of H.264 decoder.
[Fix] H.264 smart edit: If end of file encountered while looking for IDR frame at a cut start, the cut would be improperly handled.
[Fix] Joiner: Crash from joiner when saving as WTV
[Fix] Key entry: Entry of trial key could overwrite permanent key.
[Fix] MP4 muxer: Multiple AAC in an MP4 file would have problems with secondary audio streams.
[Fix] MP4 reader: File won't open in 629d.due to older ffMpeg dlls in release. But updating to new DLLs crashes all MP4s.
[Fix] MP4/MKV/WTV/DVR-MS/VC1 output: Trap output errors such as disk full in the muxer and report error to the user.
[Fix] MPEG2 > H.264: Interlacer wasn't working properly. Will now handle switch from BFF/TFF/BFF, telecine.
[Fix] MPEG2 decoder: Dimension change not working with IPP MPEG2 Decoder.
[Fix] MPEG2 stream: A rare circumstance where a picture start code overlapped a PES packet boundary could add extra 12 bytes to frame.
[Fix] Profile grid: Can't set MaxGOP to anything less than 15.
[Fix] Program stream: File open could hang if program stream PTS clocks wrapped around near the start of file.
[Fix] TS Muxer: TS Muxer would output PAT and PMT even if the option to output them was unchecked.
[Fix] Thumbnail display: Display alternate colors for AAC stereo vs 5.1.
[Fix] Titling: Title background would have slight color shift compared to source video.
[Fix] Titling: Would fail if the video frame size was 720 x 512.
[Fix] Translation: German translation for H.264 Preview display not yet supported was incorrect.
[Fix] VLST files: Program will crash if more than 999 vlst files with the same name exist. Increase 999 to 9999.


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Change log (continued)

H264 Editing -
[Fix] MPEG2 stream: MPEG2 multi-audio would crash if no audio stream found, now gives error msg. Single stream audio works (629d)
[Fix] MPEG2 stream: If source was mpeg2 program stream, T>O>Stream "MB to scan at open" was not being calculated properly. (629d)
[Fix] H.264 Mutli audio: Complete re-write of resync logic to better accomodate errors in multi-audio streams. (629d)

[Change] TS Muxer: If the source stream was a TS without PMTs, the output file would not have a PMT if "use existing PIDS" selected.
[Change] MPEG2 output: If video PTS resets in the middle of a file a single missing audio frame could crash buffer overflow or crash.
[Change] MPEG2 output: If "diagnostics" enabled on the Tools>Options>Stream page, video buffer dumps will have file offsets.
[Fix] TS Muxer: If video lost many frames, but audio or subtitles were OK, muxer could get packet overflow.
[Fix] Recoding: Convert MPEG2 HD to H264 SD causes crash (broke in 628)
[Fix] Navigation: Pressing 'back frame' (left arrow) at start of file, would advance one frame.
[Fix] MPEG2 QSF: Buffer overflow when QSFing multi-audio VOB file with multiple PTS resets.
[Fix] MPEG2 output: Output slow and muxer packet overflow if audio PTS resets before first frame output. Fixed for Multi-audio QSF.
[Fix] H.264 thumbnails: Fixed minor problem with audio display not appearing at beginning and end of thumbnail strip.
[Fix] H.264 frame capture: 'Edit->Capture frame' wouldn't always work.

H264 Editing -
[Fix] WTV: Display pixelation when doing non-I Frame seek. Could also cause resync frames ( broken in 625).
[Fix] Tool Trim and Copy: Crashes on source file browse (broken in 626).
[Fix] Profile: Error trying to save a .wtv with EAC3 to iPhone .mp4
[Fix] H.264 thumbnails: Detailed audio display could slow or hang thumbnail display due to audio cache filling up.
[Fix] Muti-audio support: Output muxer could occasionally hang when muxing multi-audio with different codecs.

H264 Editing -
[Change] Profile: SMPTE-302M tightened up sync (PTS calculation) when recoding to 302M on long duration programs.
[Fix] Resizing: Uninitialized variable could lead to un-predicatable results or slow performance when resizing. (Broken in 625).
[Fix] Profile: Sync errors when saving SMPT-302M streams, if not recoding (broken in 625).

H264 Editing -
[Fix] Tivo metadata: Tivo metadata not being copied on output when saving to a .tivo file. (Broken in 625).
[Fix] Titling: Program crashes when adding titles. (Broken in 625).
[Fix] DVD authoring: Audio errors if source has multiple audio stream that require recoding and primary (playing) isn't stream 0.

H264 Editing -
[Enhancement] Program stream muxing: Add multiple audio stream support.
[Change] Audio MPEG1 Layer: Tightened up timing tolerances for 44.1KHz audio.
[Change] Audio recoding: New library code for audio sampling rate change that doesn't use intel libs.
[Change] Output profile: If profile is automatic, and audio recode is required and profile XML has bit rate set, use instead of default.
[Change] Profile editor: Always show output file extension. Previous version only displayed if overridden.
[Change] Topfield TS files: Special EchoStar file check interfered with feature to auto build a program map from raw data.
[Fix] DVD audio: Verify that the audio streams listed in the IFO file actually exist in the selected VOBs.
[Fix] DVD muxer: Muxer could crash if user aborts while creating initial elementary stream (.tmp) files.
[Fix] DVD open: If "Auto QSF" selected but output was other than MPEG-2 PS, the automatic open after QSF would fail.
[Fix] Mono AAC does not play, or recode correctly
[Fix] MP4 reader: File wouldn't open if it didn't begin with an "ftyp" atom.
[Fix] MP4/MKV reader: Crash in FFmpeg reader if PID was out of range
[Fix] Profile dialog: Controls appear in weird places if using non-standard fonts.
[Fix] Profile list dialog: Better detection of changes to a profile so that XML is only updated if an actual change occured.
[Fix] Profile: When saving SMPTE-302M, assign an AES channel id to each audio stream.
[Fix] QSF: Enable filters adds duplicate entries to the drop-down list if Rescan button pressed.
[Fix] Tivo TS: If TiVo-TS file has encrypted PMT packets, file might not open.
[Fix] Tivo, DVRMS, MP4, MKV: Fixed intermittent crash if attmped to read past the end of the file.
[Fix] Unpack error 2: On some systems license manager could cause unpack error when program is launched.
[Fix] WTV reader: Fixed few bugs with DVB subtitling, improved PID change detection,
[Fix] WTV: Fixed minor issues with multiple audio streams in the WTV output muxer.

H264 Editing -
[Enhancement] GUI: Added option to Tool>Options>File types to automatically add an opened file type to the default file list.
[Enhancement] Profiles: New dialog to be able to completely modify all options in a profile. (Shift+Edit, in profile editor).
[Change] TS Muxing: If CableLabs muxing is enabled, turn on QuadByte alignment.
[Change] TS Muxing: If CableLabs muxing is enabled, allow the user to set a manual mux rate. If 0, use default of 3.75 Mbps.
[Change] Output Profiles: If multiple MPEG1 Layer 2 audio to a TS file, assign each stream a separate stream ID (C0, C1, etc).
[Change] MPEG2 stream: If doing smart cutting and profile has CBR enabled, leave the output stream as CBR.
[Change] MPEG2 recoding: If output file is SD 4:2:2, the VBV size should be 576 instead of the SD 4:2:0 default of 224.
[Change] Registration: Updated to Version 8 of license manager.
[Change] DVD Burning: Updated TVSuite V4 formatted icon to use with TVSV4.
[Change] WTV output fails if tmp file already exists
[Change] TS Output options: If user specifies manual PIDS, they must start at 16 (x10) instead of 1.
[Change] MP4 / MKV reading: Added extra check to FFmpeg reader to retry fails seek. Fixes problem with one specific file.
[Change] MKV with AAC: Not properly parsing the AAC profile which could cause issues when outputting to MP4 or MKV.
[Change] H.264 Teletext: If the VBI packets are missing a PTS, TVS will now attempt to reconstruct the timing.
[Change] Batch: Added an option when doing QSF to specify a filter dimensions or "auto" select.
[Fix] WTV: Setting program date and time to edited date/time was not accounting for time zone differences.
[Fix] Titling: When adding a new title, the resolution and aspect ratio will default to the currently open video.
[Fix] MPEG2 elem stream muxing: Broke MPEG2 elem stream muxing in 621c.
[Fix] H.264 stream: Adding a title to an H.264 video triggers a LargeBufferMalloc error.
[Fix] Encoding: Doing two pass encoding, audio or video on an mppeg2 Tivo, MP4, FLV, or ES would stall at the start of pass 2.
[Fix] DVD, open title: Would not always select the correct AC3 stream. Similar problem with select stream dialog.
[Fix] AAC audio in MP4 file: Silent low-bit rate audio resulted in very short frames and prevented the file from opening.
[Fix] MPEG2 smart cutting: Updated smart cutter encoder to properly handle escaped 4:2:2 profile and levels.
[Fix] Audio recoding: Converting from AAC to MPEG2, time stamps where not being adjusted at cut points resulting deleted frames.
[Fix] AAC HE: Recoding AAC-HE could could cause sync errors at cut point, substitute silent frame until frame header found.

H264 Editing -
[Enhancement] H.264 streams: Added multi-audio stream support.
[Enhancement] ES Muxing: Elementary stream muxer can now support multiple audio streams.
[Enhancement] LKFS: Added LKFS analysis, and normalization. (Professional products only)
[Enhancement] Localization: Added Spanish translations.
[Enhancement] MPEG2 streams: New Shift+T>O, #17, Remove duplicate SD NTSC closed captions, removes double captions on Comcast Tivo SD.
[Enhancement] Open DVD: If opening DVD from a disc or ISO, default to volume name instead of generic "DVD_TITLE".
[Enhancement] Output Profiles: New option to change the default file extension on a per-profile basis.
[Enhancement] MP4 output profiles: New option to place MOOV atom at start or end of the .mp4 file (ipod/iphone/ipad expects MOOV at end).
[Enhancement] H.264 streams: Added multi-audio elementary stream muxing for H.264 and AAC audio (m4a).
[Change] Batch Manager (new): On Windows 7 show progress in taskbar icon, remove possible focus steal at end.
[Change] QSF filter: Filter dialog now reports number of times a particular dimension was found.
[Change] COM: Calling SetFilterDimensions( -1, -1) will trigger automatic filtering with the most common dimension in the file.
[Change] Chapter list: Added new chapter timecode format HH:MM:SS.hh.
[Change] DVD open title: If previous folder used for DVD open title no longer exists, default to that folder's parent.
[Change] GOP Reduction: Removed "spread GOP reduction evenly" from Shift+Tools>Options as this has been the default for years.
[Change] H.264 stream: Audio frames would be skipped if the MP4 reader could be skipped after seek if they arrived before the video.
[Change] H.264 stream: Removing trailing zero's from improperly encoded SPS and PPS.
[Change] H.264, Issue "program stream not supported" if H.264 is found inside a PS file.
[Change] H264 EAC3/AC3: Audio frames could be lost if the PES packets were too short to hold an entire audio frame. Possible TOD.
[Change] MPEG2 stream: Auto-mux rate, when multi-audio enabled, is now set to max of calculated bit rate or video header bit rate.
[Change] Multi-audio support: Multi-audio support is now the default for all NEW installations.
[Change] TVS4 Upgrade wizard: Email address with + or / characters not properly before being sent to the server.
[Fix] AAC audio: File with AAC Main profile and SBR showing sampling rate of 24Khz rather than 48KHz.
[Fix] Automatic compression: Could produce silent audio output if normalization is set to 0.
[Fix] COM: Calling FileOpen in silent mode could display a file open error message rather than just returning an error.
[Fix] COM: When running in silent mode and doing a close during output will leave the output processing in the background.
[Fix] H.264 / MPEG2: Internal seek cache could become corrupt if the source file didn't start on an I-Frame, perhaps slowing seeking.
[Fix] H.264 elem stream output: LOAS/LATM AAC with SBR would crash on ES output. Will now be recoded to AAC-LC m4a.
[Fix] H.264 stream: Added F12 support for H.264 stream, update 619 didn't completely fix it.
[Fix] H.264 stream: Couldn't determine initial clock if the SPS/PPS preceed the AUD.
[Fix] H.264 stream: Incorrect frame rate for 720p @ 50 FPS AVCHD-Lite files that record at 25 FPS with repeated frames.
[Fix] H.264 stream: T>Show Program Info, of 720x480 SD with 4:3 aspect ratio, incorrectly reporting 1.37:1.
[Fix] H264 Stream: Possible memory overwrite if the buffer is resized multiple times without removing any frames.
[Fix] MKV support: If use "ffmpeg for mp4" s+T>O option is false. Creating an MKV file will error with FFmpegsupport.dll not found.
[Fix] MP4 H.264: When opening an MP4 file, sometimes the first GOP is skipped causing saved files to be shorter than expected.
[Fix] MP4 reader: Seeking before the start or after the end of an MP4 (when using FFMPEG reader), could seek to wrong frame.
[Fix] NTSC Closed captions: Fixed issue with caption display not clearing all of the previous captions.
[Fix] Open DVD: DVD folder name not being correctly remembered if opening directly from a DVD drive or virtual ISO drive.
[Fix] Open DVD: DVD folder name not being remembered if you did an auto QSF or QSF to batch.
[Fix] Profile dialog: When selecting audio normalization, 0db is missing from drop down list.
[Fix] QSF Filter: Number of sample points was not being properly saved in the registry and would always default to 8.
[Fix] WTV files: If the first frame in the file is larger than 65KB, then the WTV reader might skip the first GOP.
[Fix] WTV: Saving a WTV file from a source WTV file could cause thumbnail on edited file to not display.
[Fix] WTV: Some WTV files, with Teletext, reporting closed captioning errors. WTV teletext streams not supported by TVS.

H264 Editing -
[Change] H.264 stream: Added F12 support for H.264 stream to refresh the file size and duration of the currently playing video.
[Change] Chapter marks: Chapters being saved to chapters.txt in format: hh:mm:ss.hh, can not be read back in.
[Fix] H.264 smart editing: Internal error in H.264 buffer management could cause corruption, errors, or YTOD. (Broke in 617/618).

H264 Editing -
[Change] QSF save error: QSF save dialog display "error getting output options" if you try to select a new output file name.
[Change] MP4/MKV seek: If using FFMPEG and a seek error is returned, retry the seek with a different setting. (internal code change)

H264 Editing -
[Enhancement] Thumbnails: Show greater detail on audio graph and add tick marks to show the start of each audio frame (configurable)
[Enhancement] Stream processing: Internal code change to reduce memory overhead when resizing H.264 video buffers and audio buffers.
[Change] AAC LATM: Added support for files that had the "program config" parameter enabled in the AAC header.
[Change] AAC audio: Can convert from LATM/LOAS AAC to ADTS format without recoding.
[Change] AAC encoding: Added support for 24KHz, 22.05KHz and 16Khz audio to better handle low-bit rate FLV files.
[Change] Audio Alerts: Tools>Options>Audio alerts renamed to Tools>Options>Completion Alerts
[Change] DVD Authoring: Block 30 and 60 fps video from being added to a DVD.
[Change] FLV support: Added support to read and write FLV files that contain H264 with AAC.
[Change] GUI: When running on Windows 7 with Aero, show percentage completion in the Windows taskbar icon.
[Change] H.264 MP4: Added support for TWOS audio.
[Change] H.264 recoding: Added new advanced encoding options to set: "weighted prediction for P-Frames", "sub pixel motion search depth".
[Change] H.264 stream: Internal fix of return types.
[Change] LPCM output to MPEG-2 PS: If orignal audio is 44.1KHz or 32 KHz, and output is LPCM, force recode to 48KHz.
[Change] Log file message: Change messages: "... signature check failed" to "... file signature not found."
[Change] MP4/FLV: Intermittent seeking problem when using the FFMPEG reader.
[Change] MPEG2 DVR-MS: Teletext captions would report error of caption too large for buffer.
[Change] Navigation bar: Make the area of the navigation bar which is below the thumb-track inactive to minimize accidental navigation.
[Change] Output processing: Release display frame buffers during save to reduce memory. ( Disable using shift+Tools>Options #73 to 0 ).
[Change] Output profiles: Changed dialog title with spelling error from "Video Croping and Sizing" to "Cropping and Sizing".
[Change] Output profiles: LPCM was an option for output types that don't support it such as TS, DVR-MS and WTV.
[Change] Output profiles: Will now clear previously set compression / gain settings when changing the encoder back to 'Auto'.
[Change] Tools>Options>Alerts: New option to change the "focus stealing" behavior at end of save.
[Fix] Batch Manager (new): Adding AdDetective scan after adding a file save does not refresh the batch list.
[Fix] French translation: Translation error causing "Tip of the day" to display incorrectly and/or hang.
[Fix] H.264 encoder: When doing full recode a timing problem could cause last video frame and a few audio frames to be dropped.
[Fix] H.264/MP4 smart edit: Corrupted output if doing H264/MP4 output and source file had "weighted P-frame prediction" enabled in PPS
[Fix] H264 > MPEG2 encoding: Dual pass when converting 50/59 FPS to 25/29 FPS might cause crash at end of 2nd pass.
[Fix] Internal change: Profile managment code updated to improve speed of file save dialog. Additional diagnostics in log.
[Fix] LPCM source to LPCM output to MPEG2-PS or DVD: If not recoding, application will experience buffer overflow.
[Fix] MP4 chapter marks: MP4 chapter marks were not being honored by iPhone / iPad.
[Fix] MPEG2 mult-audio: If recoding & source and the last frame type in a segment is "P", it might not be output.
[Fix] MPEG2 mult-audio: Incorrect reporting of MPEG1 Audio stream errors if DVR-MS files had audio continuation packets.
[Fix] MPEG2 pro encoder: Timing problem at end of file could sometimes cause one video and a couple audio frames to be dropped.
[Fix] Resizing: Resizing from 1080i to 480i was not optimally resizing the chroma.
[Fix] TVS4 Upgrade wizard: Was not showing text in local langauge.
[Fix] Thumbnails: When displaying thumbnails, with SMPTE-302M audio the first few audio frames were not shown in the audio graph.
[Fix] WTV files: Metadata was not being read if there were non-ascii characters in the file name or folder.

H264 Editing -
[Change] MKV: Unable to open an MKV H.264 file is the MKV mux doesn't include a frame rate. Fall back to the elementary stream fps.
[Change] LATM/LOAS AAC: Output to MP4 with FFmpeg muxer was not converting audio to ADTS resulting in silent audio.
[Change] Configuration wizard: Remove extra "\" when attempting to add Desktop.ini to Recorded TV. Aesthetic change only.
[Fix] WTV reader: Added additional output to the log file to better determine when a protected frame is being skipped.
[Fix] Fast MPEG2 Encoder crash: Broken in build 613, Fast MPEG2 encoder crashes. Used for MPEG2 recoding and optionally fast cuts.

H264 Editing -
[Enhancement] MP4 wtih MPEG-2 video: Can now read MP4 with MPEG2 video if FFmpeg support enabled. MP4/MPEG2 output not yet supported.
[Enhancement] MP4/MKV: Pick up the correct default audio and video stream when using the FFmpeg reader.
[Enhancement] MP4/MKV: Support for reading and creation of chapters Behavior same as DVD, see T>O>Chapters. #63 FFmpeg must be true.
[Enhancement] Output Profiles: Recoding Output bit rate automatically set to preserve original quality. Set on Advanced>Intelligent.
[Change] MP4 files: Default to using the FFmpeg reader rather than the Mainconcept reader. Shift+Tools>Options, #63
[Change] Subtitles: Small corruption in Teletext sub title time stamps can cause muxer to abort with packet data full.
[Fix] ES output: Adjusting volume and saving to elementary streams would generate message "Error setting output options".
[Fix] Error reporting: Internal errors during output such as disk full or mux buffer overflows were not being consistently reported.
[Fix] H.264 frame rates: Improved quality of frame rate detection, with some MP4 files reported twice actual frame rate.
[Fix] H264 stream dump: Intermittent problem due to not setting multi-audio stream variables.
[Fix] Joiner: Audio volume adjustment in one file affects subsequent files instead of being reset for each file.
[Fix] MP4 with H.264: Determine last frame of file by reading video frames instead of reading MP4 summary information.
[Fix] MP4/MKV: FFmpeg reader annexb filter failed after seek, often causing open failure of MP4 and MKV files.
[Fix] MP4: If using FFMPEG reader, audio would not play after seeking backwards.
[Fix] MPEG-2 MKV: Output wont play in MPC (Media Player Classic).
[Fix] MPEG2 / LPCM audio: LPCM output creating incorrect file format if #70 multi-audio stream option set to 1 or 2.
[Fix] MPEG2 thumbnails: Internal logic change to handle display problem when jumping from last frame to first frame with MP4/MPEG2.
[Fix] WTV reader could crash if it read invalid chunk size in header.

H264 Editing -
[Change] VRDSplit.vbs: Updated script to handle output profiles so it works with TVS H.264. Also fixed bug with start time not working.
[Change] MKV output: Automatically recode AAC-HE audio to ADTS AAC-LC audio if output file type is MKV.
[Change] Audio elementary output: Only append _1, _2, etc to the audio file name if there is more than one audio stream being saved.
[Fix] MP4/MKV: Severe memory leak If using FFmpeg reader (all MKV, MP4 optional), Causing failure with large files.
[Fix] H.264: Corrupt video with an NAL of type 31 (not allowed) would trigger a premature EOF and possible crash.

H264 Editing -
[Enhancement] MKV: Support for reading and writing MKV files.
[Enhancement] Profiles: Added new aspect ratio option "Match Resolution" to allow H.264 encoded video to play at 1:1 pixel aspect ratio.
[Change] H.264: Added TS Mux rate calculation to stream parameters.
[Change] AAC - WTV: Initial 1-3 audio frames dropped if the time stamp of the first audio packet earlier than initial I-Frame in file.
[Change] DVD Project: Cannot specify a UNC path for VIDEO_TS folder. (Worked in build 564).
[Change] WTV Reader: Improved detection of the audio streams in a WTV file.
[Change] Program Information: Video bit rate now takes into account transport stream null packets.
[Change] Program Information: Display Null packet rate (if present) for transport stream files.
[Change] Open DVD folder: If MPEG2 multi-audio is enabled, mulitple DVD audio streams are supported.
[Change] MP4: Use FFmpeg muxer to read/write MP4 files rather than Mainconcept muxer. Set via Shift+T>O #63.
[Change] MP4/MKV: Added Shift+T>O #64 to store the H.264 SPS and PPS with the video frame. Needed for smart cutting of H.264 DVB video.
[Change] MP4 Reader: Added error reporting to Mainconcept MP4 reader to better understand why it fails to open some MP4 files.
[Change] Close captioning: Change default for captioning #41 DVBSubtitling from false to true for TVS H.264 (new installs only)
[Fix] WTV Reader: TVS4 could loop if doing two-pass record of WTV source, or adding multiple WTV to a DVD.
[Fix] WTV reader: Reading at the end-of-file could sometimes cause a crash.
[Fix] LATM/LOAS AAC: Corrupt frame could cause LATM demuxer to stop demuxing frames.
[Fix] MPEG2 decoding: Decoder used when recoding all output to file or DVD, aborts if source file was field encoded.
[Fix] H.264 encoding: Encoder crash since some encoding parameters were not being properly adjusted after loading user's settings.
[Fix] AC3 Demuxing: Resyncing triggered if TS AC3 streams switched from non-aligned to aligned,
[Fix] AAC-HE: When creating silent frames for AAC-HE we weren't setting the SBR flag properly.
[Fix] Titling / Joiner: Adding title to the joiner before adding any video causes problems during output.
[Fix] MPEG2 stream: Saving from mpeg to TS, or WTV, audio PID not being properly set.
[Fix] GUI: Time code at 40:00.00 would display as 30:00.00 if the frame rate was 59.94.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: If the source file is MPEG2 with a bit rate > 9.5 Mbps, we will recode down the 9.5 Mbps.
[Fix] AC3 Demuxing: Resyncing triggered if TS AC3 streams switched from non-aligned to aligned.

H264 Editing -
[Fix] Installer: When registering COM object, installer may launch configuration wizard as admin and then again as regular user.
[Fix] Batch/COM: Do not reset window position and maximized status when running silent batch.

H264 Editing - (release build)
[Fix] GUI: Tools>Options>Transport stream page no longer being displayed.
QSF: TVSuite H.264 could crash when clicking on Output File Browse due to bad pointer (broken in 608).
[Change] QSF: Changed the output file name edit box to read-only so that the user must browse and select an output profile.
[Change] GUI: Running batch cleared saved window maximize flags.
[Fix] WTV: Corrupt .wtv file is causing the WTV reader to crash rather than recover or gracefully exit.
[Fix] QSF: H.264 Filtering would not work if the requested dimensions started after T>O>Stream, # MB to scan.

H264 Editing -
[Change] Batch Manager (new): Checks to make sure COM interface is registered and versions match. Prompts user if either incorrect.
[Change] Batch manager (new): When adding multiple files, display progress as each file is opened and inspected. Added abort button.
[Change] Batch script: Added version check to the script to warn user if /t# is being used instead of /p:
[Change] H.264 encoding 2 pass: Create a unique name for the first pass statistics file to allow for multiple encodings at the same time.
[Change] H.264: H.264 streams was not honoring setting of shift+T>O, #41 Enable closed captioning and subtitling for DVB subs.
[Change] Installer: Installer will now always automatically register VideoReDo Batch COM objects. Uninstaller will remove.
[Change] QSF output: Don't permit user to QSF elementary stream source to elementary stream output.
[Change] Tivo output: Don't allow TiVo output unless source file is also TiVo file
[Change] WTV output: "Duration" metadata in the output file was being copied from the source rather than reflecting the edited duration.
[Change] WTV output: Added mutliple audio (MPEG2 only) and DVB subtitle support to the WTV muxer.
[Change] WTV reading: New WTV reader which supports multi-audio (MPEG2 only) and multiple DVB Subs. Disable via shift+T>O: #62
[Fix] Batch manager (new): Unable to set the default output file prefix and/or destination folder.
[Fix] Batch manager (new): When adding multiple files, the output folder is not properly saved.
[Fix] Batch: Create DVD or Joine files might exit and not create any output due to uninitialized variable.
[Fix] Error handling: If source is MPEG2 and recoder had an initialization error, error message wasn't being reported back to user.
[Fix] GUI: Didn't remember if window was maximized in previous session. However, if you run COM/batch, it will removed the remember maximize flags.
[Fix] H.264 NAL Parsing: In debug mode, PPS parsing could abort if only 2 bits left in NAL.
[Fix] MPEG2 LPCM: Buffer size calculation incorrect resulting in out of memory when trying to open MPEG2 PS w/LPCM audio.
[Fix] Output profiles: Fixed problems when the profile has "Allow multiple audio streams" unchecked.
[Fix] Registry: Renamed, "Sepcial: DisableLogicalFileSort", to "Special:DisableLogicalFileSort".
[Fix] AAC-LC LATM: BBC AAC with LOAS/LATM were being tagged as AAC-HE when they were actually AAC-LC.

H264 Editing -
[Change] Translation: Added .apt file for the new batch processor, VideoReDo Batch Profile.
[Change] MPEG2: Setting for multiple audio streams, S+T>O, #66 needs to be reset if non-zero.
[Change] MPEG2 > H.264: De-interlacer could get out of cadence eventually causing an audio buffer overflow.
[Change] H264Encoder: Setting T>O>H.264 diagnostics to "Advanced" will show the H.264 encoder settings in the log file on full recode.
[Fix] WTV: WTV MPEG2 files would not open correctly if s+T>O, #66 Multiple audio stream was 1 or 2.
[Fix] WTV QSF: Sometimes crashes at the start of the 2nd recoding pass while the file is being re-opened.
[Fix] MPEG4 Part2: Encoder crashing. Broken in 606.
[Fix] MPEG2: DVR-MS could hang on output if first frame of the file, and multi-audio (#66) enabled.
[Fix] H.264: Remove leading frames that don't have PTS values and shouldn't be in the first GOP. Caused QSF (but not save) sync prob.
[Fix] H.264: MP4 files with AC3 audio were not picking up the audio stream.
[Fix] H.264 MP4: MP4 was accidentally being opened as an .TS instead of an .MP4. Bump # of packets checked to insure its a .TS.
[Fix] GUI: File open, not handling non-latin characters properly. Fixed for .ts in 606. Was still broken for .wtv /dvrms.
[Fix] Batch: Negative cropping values (such as wide screen to letterbox) saved incorrectly in the BPrj XML. Changed XML engine.
[Fix] Seek caching: Changed the seek cache algorithms to work better with very very low bit rate video segments.
[Change] QSF dialog allowed input and output to have the same name resulting in source file being cleared.

H264 Editing -
[Change] GUI: Added Polish .apt file to the installer. Polish DLLs waiting for completed translation.
[Fix] H.264 frame rate: Broke frame rate logic in 605 for some 720p files. Showing as 25 or 29.97 instead of 50 or 59.94

H264 Editing -
[Change] Joiner: Joiner could force an unnecessary recode if the header bit rates of each file didn't match.
[Change] H.264 stream: Improved logic for frame rate if fixed_frame_rate_flag is 0. Check fixed_frame_rate_flag in slice hdr.
[Change] Output status dialog: Widen the dialog and fields to support longer strings required by some translations.
[Fix] Output profiles: Unable to edit profiles in non-English version due to missing localization DLLs.
[Fix] MPEG2: Program would crash if file without an audio stream was opened and multi-audio was enabled.
[Fix] H.264 frame rate: Broke frame rate logic in 604 if pic_order_cnt_type != 2.
[Fix] GUI: Menu File > Queue to batch change button from "Save" to "Queue".
[Fix] DVD: If shift+T>O #66 set to 0, and video is AC3, create DVD will incorectly force an audio recoding.
[Fix] DVD: Fixed aspect ratio issue for H.264 files converted to DVD.
[Fix] GUI: File open, not handling non-latin characters properly. Broken in build 604.

H264 Editing -
[Enhancement] MPEG2: Support for multiple audio streams.
[Enhancement] Batch: In TVS4 new batch manager launched by default. Can change via option #65 on Shift+Tools>Options.
[Enhancement] DVD: Can now author MPEG2 DVDs from H.264 sources going through separate recoding step.
[Enhancement] H.264 MP4: Support for AC3 muxing and demuxing enabled.
[Enhancement] H.264, EAC3 audio support enabled via external automatically downloaded codec.
[Enhancement] MPEG2 streams: Much improved support when video dimension changes. Does not yet handle frame rate changes.
[Enhancement] Output profile: If diagnostics are enabled on Tools>Options>Stream, dump the output profile XML to the log file.
[Enhancement] Profiles advanced options: Add new tab to handle custom XML.

[Change] COM: Added new function, SaveJoinerWithProfile( outputFilename, profileName )
[Change] COM: FileSaveAs and SaveJoinerAs functions will return false when used with TVSuite V4. Use profile functions instead.
[Change] DVD Burning: If a drive communication error occurs during verification, reset the drive and verfiy again.
[Change] Joiner projects: New format for joiner projects to support multi=audio in TVS4. Projects from previous builds can not be read.
[Change] MPEG2 QSF: If source is NTSC/ATSC, rebuild all temporal references if T>O>Stream make all I-frames GOP is set.
[Change] MPEG2 stream: If source is NTSC/ATSC & Tivo and duplicate temporal references are found, rebuild temporal refs.
[Change] Output profiles: Add WTV and iPad to default profiles.
[Change] Program Information: Add support for profiles and levels, 4:2:2@Main and 4:2:2@High.
[Change] Program Information: Totally new look for program information dialog. Support for multiple audio streams.
[Change] Recoding: Added advanced encoding XML to treat progressive as interlaced: <EncodingOptions><Resizing><FramesInterlaced>true.
[Change] Tivo files: Temporal reference numbers suddenly double in the middle of a GOP causing frame to be removed.
[Change] Top of the day: Corrected "tip", Video card acceleration is on the Tools>Options>Playback page, not the general page.
[Change] TS Muxer: Auto mux rate when not recoding. Set mux rate from source file estimated video bitrate instead of sampling.
[Change] TS Muxer: Profile and level not being picked up properly when using newer 4:2:2 profile escape codes.
[Change] TS Muxer: Reduce the frequency for null packet insertion to reduce instance of PTS underflow.
[Change] TS Streams: Use est bit rate and source file mux rate to verify or automatically set the output mux rate.
[Change] WTV output: Enable WTV as an allowable output file type in the profile editor.

[Fix] AAC ADTS: Some AAC ADTS were being detected as LATM causing a crash. Improved rejection of false data.
[Fix] AAC Demuxing: Typo in demux function said "AC3 (unpacked) frame error" rather than "AAC frame error".
[Fix] Batch manager New batch manager, errors out if trying to create a DVD via a batch file.
[Fix] DVD Authoring: Delete temporary files if the user aborts during fast muxing or recoding stage.
[Fix] DVD Burning: UseImgBurn not working under Windows 7 in newer builds. Added Shift+T>O to enable image burn.
[Fix] ES Muxing: Muxing of LPCM/WAV files created distorted audio. (partially fixed in Build 600).
[Fix] File open: Allow file names with unicode characters (non-ansi) to be opened by dragging the file into TVSuite.
[Fix] File save: Clicking on "Queue to Batch" in file save dialog will reset an overridden file name back to the default.
[Fix] H.264 NAL Parsing: Revised logic for NAL parsing so that SPS, PPS, and AU types have 4 byte start codes (internal change).
[Fix] H.264 processing: End of Sequence NAL in middle of the file will hang the output or trigger pause during playback.
[Fix] H.264 stream: Improved logic for frame rate calculation with SEI pic_struct is not present.
[Fix] H.264 stream: Unable to determine frame rate if timing_info_present_flag: 1 but fixed_frame_rate_flag is 0.
[Fix] H.264 stream: YouTube video with frame rate os 24.997 was being treated as 24 fps rather than 25 fps.
[Fix] H.264 TS output: Fixed the way DTS is calculated for both smart edit, and recoded output.
[Fix] H.264 TS output: Recording to H.264 had incorrect DTS values.
[Fix] LATM/LOAS AAC: Audio could be flagged as AAC-LC/ADTS due to false positive match when it should be AAC-HE/LOAS.
[Fix] Manifest files: MFCLOC.manifest was incorrectly formatted. Extra "version=" in the XML.
[Fix] MPEG2 stream: Re-wrote the internal processing to tighten up sync in TVS4. Fewer add/delete audio frames.
[Fix] MPEG4 Part 2: Encoder could stall on certain input files.
[Fix] New Batch: When selecting and adding multiple files the output would go one folder below where it was intended.
[Fix] Profile: Copy & Edit profile would not retain manually entered advanced encoding parameters.
[Fix] Queue to batch: QuickStreamFix projects added to batch do not honor dimension filters.
[Fix] Thumbnails: Sequence end code in the middle of a stream could cause thumbnail strip to partially draw.
[Fix] TS Muxer: When recoding MPEG2, original bit rate being used in mux rather than recoded rate . (Fixed mpeg2 multiaudio).
[Fix] WMV/VC-1 output: Stalls if WMA audio is set to 256 Kbps and audio sampliing rate is 48000 samples / sec.


Staff member
Highlights for Build 604:

[Enhancement] MPEG2: Support for multiple audio stream.
This involved a major re-write of the MPEG2 stream support. To enable this feature, go to shift+Tools>Options #66 Multi-audio stream. Settings are:
0 - old behavior (single audio stream, uses code from previous versions).
1 - support for multiple audio streams. When you open a file with multiple audio streams, all audio streams are automatically processed. Using Tools>Select stream only changes the primary audio stream. The primary audio stream is the one that is (a) played while editing, and (b) output to streams that support only support a single audio format such as dvr-ms, VC-1, wtv.
2 - single audio stream, utilizing the new code. The new code has much better audio syncing capability especially when recoding.

We recommend using option 1 or 2 and only falling back to 0 if a problem is encountered.

[Enhancement] Batch: In TVS4 new batch manager launched by default. Can change via option #65 on Shift+Tools>Options.
The new "experimental" batch manager from prior releases is now the default for TVSuite V4. It now has built in support for profiles and will execute the batch command internally rather than create a separate .cmd file. A .cmd file output is still available. You can revert to the old batch manager by changing #64 on Shift+Tools>Options or holding down the shift key when launching the match manager.

[Enhancement] DVD: Can now author MPEG2 DVDs from H.264 sources going through separate recoding step.
Prior to this build, you needed to recode H264 files to MPEG2 and then reload them for DVD authoring. This build allows direct authoring of MPEG2 DVDs from H.264 files. Note: Some files cause an aspect ratio problem on the DVDs. This will be fixed in a subsequent build.

[Enhancement] H.264 MP4: Support for AC3 muxing and demuxing enabled.
Full support for AC3 files in .MP4 format. In prior builds if you saved an H.264/AC3 file to .MP4 it would automatically be converted to AAC. This build preserves the original audio format. If you want to convert to AAC for device compatibility, then you'll need to create a custom profile.

[Enhancement] H.264, EAC3 audio support enabled via external automatically downloaded codec.
EAC3 support is enabled utilizing open source codecs from ffMpeg. These codecs are NOT included with the TVSuite install, but are downloaded from our web site automatically if a file with EAC3 is opened. If your system isn't connected to the internet you can download the codecs from: Links to the source code provided with the installation.

[Enhancement] MPEG2 streams: Much improved support when video dimension changes. Does not yet handle frame rate changes.
We have made tremendous progress in gracefully handling dimension changes within MPEG2 videos. 1) Your file will no longer automatically close. 2) You'll be able to continue editing and/or QSF. For full options, set Shift+Tools>Options #66 Multi-audio stream to 1 or 2. (see below for options). Note, if you select to open the file with the new dimension, it will skip leading sections that don't match the new dimension, but DOES NOT filter out subsequent dimension changes.

[Enhancement] Profiles advanced options: Add new tab to handle custom XML.
For H.264 recodes, you can tweak settings such as profile, level, reference frame counts, by clicking on the Advanced tab in the profile editor.


Staff member
Build 605a has been posted:

Mostly fixes for problems introduced in 604.

1) File names with non-latin characters should open properly, once again.
2) Profile editing and "options" not displaying in non-english version should work.
3) Updated translation files (.apt).

Translators: There are a few new strings through many of the modules, so please take a minute, update the .apt and post back to us via the FTP.


Staff member
Build 606c has been posted:

Fixes a frame rate problem where some H.264 files were being opened at 50% of the correct frame rate.


Staff member
Build 607e has been posted:

1) Fixes the latin character issue in the file names for dvr-ms and wtv. (Broken in 605).
2) Translators: VideoReDoBatchProfile, the new batch interface, is now included in the .apt files.


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Build 608g has been posted:

1) New WTV reader. Will now read WTV created by TVS, handles dvb subtitles, and multiple audio streams (MPEG2 only until H264 multi-audio is supported). Tools>Show Program Info will show file type: WTV. If you have problems, old reader can be enabled by setting shift+T>O, #62 to false.

2) Fixed problem with multiple instances doing two pass H.264 encoding due to conflict with the first pass temporary file. (AVSTAT.LOG).

3) New batch manager checks that COM functions are registered and that they point to the current version of TVS. If not, you will be offered an opportunity to register them.

4) During install, COM functions are automatically registered. Previous versions required you to select, "Start VideoReDo" during install.

5) Uninstall fully remove old COM registry entries.

Please see release notes list in first message of thread for complete of changes.


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Build 610 as been posted.

This is a patch to the latest release build (609) which fixes:

1) Maximized window status being cleared after a batch/COM run. If you run batch silently, the wndow position and status from the last interactive session will NOT be overwritten. However, if you run batch with the window displayed, it will be updated.

2) The extra running of the configuration wizard should be eliminated.

Once we have confirmation that these items are fixed, will slipstream these changes into the release downloads.


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Build 611 has been posted.

1. Basic support for MKV files, both reading and creating. Additional features such as chapters and subtitling to follow in subsequent releases.

2. Quite a few improvements to the WTV reader, especially if there are areas of protected content in the file.

3. Fix for the intermittent dual-pass encoding of WTV source to H.264 output. The same fix also addresses the intermittent stall when creating multi-title DVDs from WTV files.

4. MP4 files can be read and written with the FFmpeg libraries (now included in the distribution) or the Mainconcept libraries (the default). Switch between them using Shift+Tools>Options #63.

5. New option #64, to store the H264 SPS and PPS directly in the MP4 frame rather than the MP4 header.


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Beta Build 612d has been posted.

1) Fixed memory lead in FFmpeg reader. Affects mp4 (if ffmpeg option set) and all mkv files.

2) Fixed extra PTS underflows for H.264 files. Broke in Build 611.

3) Updated VRDSplit.vbs to handle output profiles, and fixed bug with start time.

Please see release notes for complete list of changes.


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Beta Build 613e has been posted.

1) FFmpeg is now the default reader for MP4 files instead of Mainconcept.

2) Support for chapter marks in MP4 and MKV files.

3) New option in output profiles to set the output bit rate based on a the source bit rate, input dimensions and output dimensions. Will post more later.

4) Fix in the WTV reader to skip invalid / corrupt header blocks. Should help some users get past bad sections in their files.

5) TS/PS output streams. Trap and report output errors, like disk full. Other output formats will follow.

Please see release notes for complete list of changes.


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Beta Build 614c has been post4ed.

1) Fix for the Fast MPEG2 encoder crash in build 613 (sorry about that :mad: )

2) Couple of other minor changes.

Please see release notes, above, for complete list of changes.


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Beta Build 618a has been posted:

Lots of internal changes, so please double check your output before deleting your source file(s).

1) FLV support (H.264 with AAC audio. Should work with many YouTube files).2) Focus stealing at end of save should be resolved. There's an option on the Tools>Options>Completion page to preserve old behavior as some users preferred the old behavior. Note: Completion page was renamed from "Audio Alerts".

3) If running in W7 with Aero, taskbar icon will graphically display % complete with a progress indicator.

4) Added support for TWOS audio. This is PCM audio output by many H.264 video cameras and phones.

5) MP4 chapter works were not being honored by iPhone / iPad.

6) When resizing interlaced source video to interlaced output, resize chroma as interlaced. This should improve quality.

Please see the release notes (above) for a complete list of changes.


Staff member
Beta Build 619a has been posted:

This corrects the buffer problem which caused stalled H.264 smart editing output.


Staff member
Beta Build 621c has been posted:

This build has major changes, so please double check your work before deleting your source videos.

1. H.264 multi-audio stream support. Finally! As with MPEG2 mutli-audio, enable by setting shift+T>O #70 to 1.

2. Multi-audio ES muxing for MPEG & H.264.. If multi-audio is enabled, new dialog for ES muxing which permits multiple audio streams to be muxed. Note to translators, this is a new dialog which should be translated.

3. Profile option to place the MOOV option at the beginning or end of MP4 file. iTunes (ipod, iphone, ipad) like the MOOV at the end while streaming devices want it at the beginning.

4. WTV thumbnails. If saving a .wtv > .wtv, previous builds might cause the thumbnail to be removed. In this build we no longer attempt to copy the thumbnail. Instead, the thumbnail is omitted and automatically inserted by MCE after you open a saved file.

5. Note, Multi-audio is now enabled by default for all NEW installations.

Good luck, looking foward to your feedback.


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Release note change: 621c

Forgot to mention an important change in QSF interactive and batch in 621c. When you do an interactive QSF, you'll now see a count, in parenthesis, representing the number of samples found with that dimension. The list box will be sorted by this count, from most common (highest number) to least common.

One problem we've had is that it's been tough to set the filtering dimensions in COM/Batch QSF. Now, if you call SetFilterDimensions( -1, -1) before doing a batch QSF, the filter will automatically be invoked with the most common dimension. We haven't yet wired this into our own batch processor, but will do in an upcoming build.


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Build 624a has been posted.

Please see release notes for enhancements, changes and fixes.


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Beta 625 has been posted.

NOTE 1: If you created any custom profiles by copying a default profile that triggered the audio to be recoded, the default bit rate was automatically set to 256 Kbs. Due to a change, these profiles will now recode at a default of 128 Kbs. If you want to use the old 256 Kbs, then you'll need to manually set the audio bit rate using the profile editor. Or, delete your custom profile and re-create it by recopying and editing the default in this release. This only affects profiles created by copying, not ones that you created entirely yourself.
NOTE 2: Unless something major comes up in the next few days, we will be posting this beta as an official release early next week.

Please the release notes for changes.


Staff member
Beta 626 has been posted.

Fixes some of the problems we introduced in 625. If you still have issues with 626, please let us know ASAP. We really want to get a new general release out due a conflict with license manager and some recent windows updates.
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