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I have been sent a home video in iso image format and the other is an m4v video. I have used dvd shrink to get the vob files from the iso image and have been trying to join them in Video Redo Plus (latest version). When played from the iso image the picture stays up for a few seconds so I have assumed that pictures converted to mpeg format. However the output I am getting from Video Redo has the pictures as single frames and the video total size is much less than the original vob total size. I have also used Ulead Video Studio and get the same result. Is this a common problem or is there something I am missing in Video Redo


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Video slideshows for DVDs can be created by 2 different methods. First was rendering it as an MPG video which created a lower resolution "real" video. The other method involved keeping them as stills with a background audio track. It was a higher resolution picture since it was not reencoded to video. The ISO your received may contain this second "video slideshow" since Ulead also is showing the same issue.

You might check with the original author of the ISO to see how it was rendered.


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Some of these DVDs use a trick of the time codes to display a static image longer then normal. (music channels use a similar trick) Unfortunately VideoReDo does not support this trick. For VideoReDo to work a file flagged as 29.97fps must actually contain 29.97 frames per second. These trick videos flag the file as 29.97fps but then only store 1 frame per second and manipulate the time code so that each frame remains displayed until the decoder reaches the next one. This works fine for playback because decoders are linear and will always keep displaying the last frame until a new one is ready. But for VideoReDo this trick messes up our syncing routines and will wreak all sorts of havoc during output.

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