Vista Media Center, no signal


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I picked up VRD this week, great program.
My question, though, has to do with Vista's Media Center.
I'm just wondering/hoping someone knows what could be wrong.

Currently I use a USB TV tuner for OTA HDTV.
I had been using the software that came with it to record programs but when I saw that VRD can edit dvr-ms files (along with everything else it does) I jumped on picking it up.

So tonight I was ready to record a program, excited that I no longer need to use the awful software that came with the tuner to record, I fired up Windows Media Center and changed to the channel and.... nothing. :confused:
All the other channels worked as usual, just not the one I wanted to watch/record. This never happened before.
So I open up the software that came with the tuner to see if maybe the channel was simply 'experiencing difficulties' but that wasn't the case. It came in perfectly fine with full bars. (I live literally only a mile from the towers)
I tried Media Center again and nothing.
Restarted the PC and tried again, and nothing.

Does anybody have any idea what would cause one channel to simply quit on me in Media Center only?



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That is so funny, I thought I was the only one having this issue with WMC dropping one OTA channel, after having it forever. I did the same thing as you, trying the software that came with the tuner, and yes that one channel comes in with full bars... I am also at a loss as to why this is happening.


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Well it's nice to see I'm not alone :)
If you figure it out, let me know and I'll do the same.
Out of curiosity though, what network did you lose? For me it is Fox.


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Fox affiliate in Kansas City. I read where people lost the Fox affiliate in Tulsa also recently. Their engineers were able to fix it however.


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Thanks to this link I've fixed the problem and now have my Fox back.

Here's the instructions.
Lost ATSC Channels Windows Media Center Fix.

Step 1

Get correct tv channels and frequencies. You'l Need these Later so write
them down.


WFAA-DT 8.1 frequency is 09 in Dallas Fort worth.
Try ( your ZIP CODE for channels and frequencies.

Step 2

Click on Computer (my computer) Click on Tools (Menu Bar) Select foder
options. Select Tab View. Now Change. Do not show hidden files to Show
hidden files Now click apply and close folder options. (Remember to change
this back to Do not show hidden files after you finish step 3)

Step 3

VMC is downloading incorrect tuning info.

open c:\ProgramData\Microsoft\ehome\EPG\prefs\astcchannels.xml
Right click Open astcchannels.xml Open With Notepad
find the channels your having trouble with, have incorrect physical
Highlight and Delete the following line(s) from atscchannels.xml


<channel callsign="WFAA" version="0" physical="8" major="8" />

which should be

<channel callsign="WFAA" version="0" physical="9" major="8" />

Delete only bad channel line(s) (Channels you'v lost.)

Save atscchannels.xml and exit Notepad. Next Dubble Left Click on
atscchannels.xml it should open to internet and deleted channels will be
gone. Close all windows.

Step 4

Open Windows Media Center
Go to settings\TV\Guide\Add Missing Channels\ Add DTV Channel. Add (EXAMPLE
08-1 and frequency 9 Call Letters WFAA-DT) save.

This will create or update your atscprefs.xml file, atscprefs.xml has
precedence over astcchannels.xml.
So the next time the guide downloads the channels will not change.
I hope it works for you as well as it did for me! Good luck.


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it worked just fine! actually, I didn't even have to delete any bad channel lines, all I had to do was go to WMC , add dtv channel, I just didn't have the correct assigned frequency number. I also now have my FOX back!
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