VRD asked me today if it could check the internet for updated version


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Have you turned off the option to check for internet access?. If so, there could be a problem but as long as it is polite and asking first it is only an annoyance.
Checking for an updated version is fairly routine, validating whether the program is valid to use is the thing to worry about.


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You can click yes. The server is still running so it will work. That will actually quite it for another year I think.

After the servers go down is when there could be an issue. I'm not sure what happens if the server simply doesn't respond. I'm not sure if that triggers anything in the key code to lock itself down. The activation stuff in this code is very obscure. Dan intentionally did it that way to make it harder to crack, but he was really the only one that understood how it worked.


thank you, i will turn it back on, and then hit yes for the server access that you confirm is up and running, and then maybe shut it down again


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I have my settings at no checking for updates and requiring permission to be requested before using the internet. If this is folowed presumably the only time I would be asked for permission is when a validity checkin instiigated. I don't thnik that I've been asked for permission but up to now I would have said 'no'. For as long as i know that the server is active I will now say 'yes'.
I will also leave my settings as they are as there is no point in checking for updates.


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I have had VRD blocked by the Windows firewall since install, and it has not been a problem.

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