VRD gets stuck on 0% Transition and does not stop for minutes afterwards (40% of 16/32 cpu)


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EDIT... Forgot to mention that the files are H264.MP4s
Finally doing a lot of editing and found that if VRD gets stuck on a 0% "transition" I can "abort" , turn off transitions and re save the file, all good, But...

The "VRD" that started the "transition" attempt is STILL going in taskmanager, using 40+% of my 3950 16/32 cpu.
And I can not delete the file.

That was quite the puzzle because I had already aborted and resaved the file AND "closed" in VRD and had not looked at taskmanager to
finally see the problem.

The rogue VRD did finally quit after several minutes, doing I don't know what with half my cpu and I was able to delete the file.
I did get the YELLOW ! and I just let it keep running to see what would finally happened...(nothing, it finally stopped)

I hope this is easy to fix.

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