VRD not outputting results if I'm not connected to internet??


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According to documentation, it's not necessary to be connected to the internet for anything but update checking/doing.

However, whilst having internet problems, I've been unable to output anything. Now I have internet again, bingo! Happy to output.

Should this be the case? I'd like to be able to process without being on the internet.


(May not check in again for a few days or more... starting to feel rather unwell.)


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No, nothing in VRD checks the internet like that. Maybe your antivirus peogram was blocking output?


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I was just checking to make sure I hadn't asked a particular question before and found this, that I'd forgotten all about. I have an update but we still haven't solved the mystery, based on what you said/suggested.

I'm certain that it has nothing to do with antivirus or anything else, unless perhaps Windows firewall (Vista Business) simply because I don't run any active security except for the firewall and Firefox addons. (Anyone thinking they might try the same, it's NOT something I recommend unless, like this computer, yours only visits a very few highly trusted sites, is also behind a hardware firewall, you can cast a quick eye across your process list and know exactly what's in it, and you have sacrificed active security software for speed and regular manual malware checking - this is an old computer with little power. There's more I do but that's the long and the short of it.)

Whatever the reason, it actually turned out that it's taking its own sweet time, if I'm not connected to the internet, before it starts outputting what I want; five minutes before it gets started isn't strange and led me to think it wouldn't do it at all, until I chanced to walk away one day before going through the hassle of stopping it, and came back to find it had finished. However, it's not connected now (I'm on a different computer) and usually doesn't take more than a minute (literal minute - I watched the clock) before it starts and it outputs at normal speed. Whether it has anything to do with having changed service provider... that's all I can think of; nothing else has changed.

So, maybe we just chalk this one up to 'who knows?!?'
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