VRD6 828a thumbnails slow when navigating H.264 HD


If I load a video file into TVSuite V6 828a, then drag the program cursor across the time line, the main display window keeps up effortlessly. So far so good.

But if the file is H.264 and HD, VRD6 now takes 3 seconds from halting the drag to refreshing the thumbnail strip, as compared to only 1 second in VRD5 or VRD4.

Not a big deal, it just slows down my editing process slightly. Is it just me?
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"Force IFrame seek after (secs):"......set this to NOT (0) and it should scroll much more smoothly.


Hi jmc, thanks for your suggestion. It didn't make any difference, but it did remind me of other settings to consider.

In the end I noticed the lag was roughly half the setting of the Thumbnail Interval.
I think this must have been set at 2 seconds, likely a leftover from me playing with DanR's "
New experimental thumbnail feature in beta 818a" (May 5th 2020).

When I reduced Thumbnail Interval to 0 ("Single Frame") the lag went away. Problem solved!


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When the TN interval is set to anything other than frame, we have to seek to that place in the video and decode that frame, then repeat. It can be pretty slow especially for files with long GOPs.
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