VRD828a "Transition" changes AC3 from 192k to 256K...


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Source file MP4.H264 file,AC3_192K

If I save (Default MP4 Profile) with "transitions" ON, the audio is changed to AC3_256K (with a transition).

If I save with the audio set from automatic to AC3_192K (to stop the 256K change) you get AC3_192K (with NO transition).

So looks like it has to be two saves, one to get the transition and one to reset the AC3 back to 192K.
Can not do both with one save.

Oh, with Default MP4 profile selected the save Video window says "Audio Recode Required" (transition happens)
With AC3 set to 192K it says -------------------------------------------------"Minor Recode Required" (NO transition happens)

Hmm, going to check VRD 827...

OK, 827 Hangs on "Transitions" at 0%...(so 828 fixed my 0% transition save problem, Yay!)
With a "Default" MP4@192K_AC3 it saves but NO transition which is probably why it was able to save.

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