VRDPro and 720p H.264 editing errors.


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VRDPro 931a - Win7

I've run into a really bad issue. I prefer 1080p, but recently had no choice but to work with 720p. VRDPro doesn't like rebuilding the video at cut locations. The video at the cut points are replaced with grey frames. The number of frames varies. I created a video that is 5 secs in length, in which the first second is black. I then edit that file keeping the first second and add it to the joiner twice. That is so I can add 1 sec to the front and back of the main video. After running the projected, the first and last second are grey and the other 5 edit locations have grey as well. There are 7 images in the attached file to show the issue. Using VRD-V6 804a on Win7 results in the same issues.

Doing the same thing using VRD 758b on XP results in no problems at all.

The attached zip file also contains the short 5 sec segment and the project file. Just run it thru VRDPro and look at the resulting 1 second of grey.

Crap, the 3MB files is too big. Get it from http://vidiot.com/VRD-720p.zip


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Not working for me. Both pro and non-pro have the issue. BTW, it is not just black frames that are turned grey.


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We can duplicate here. No idea what the issue is yet although I don't think it has anything to do with 1920x1080. I guessing that i has to do with the short GOP at the start of the video. If you join some of the 90210 title image it seems to work better. Will keep investigating.

If you force a recode when saving from the joiner you get the expected output.
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