VRDTVSH264-5-3-80-761a Display Bad When Using EVR


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Well, with the greatest respect, I suspect an issue with TVSuite because hardware accelerated video decoding works successfully regardless of renderer in all the video player software I use. I only wish I was able to be more helpful in enabling the issue to be identified and resolved.
This isn't hardware accelerated video decoding. All decoding in VRD is software based. That setting only determines whether we send YUV or RGB frames to the display driver. The frames are natively YUV out of the decoder so sending RGB requires us to do an extra step. This use to be a big deal back when VRD v1 was released and CPU cycles were scarce. But these days you wont even notice it. The YUV to RGB conversion uses assembly level code to make it as efficient as possible and modern CPUs are so fast it'll barely register on the CPU meter. It's so insignificant in fact that we're actually considering removing the option and making RGB default in v6.
Thanks for clearing up my confusion Dan. Interesting that only the video frame/window is affected by the issue, and not the frame timeline. I guess the underlying code works differently.


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This isn't hardware accelerated video decoding. All decoding in VRD is software based..
Hmm, I was always under the impression that VRD would use the videocard GPU to decode...say H264.mp4s
for scrubbing through.

Or is that also from "back in the day" of cpu power levels?

I can always tell if my GPU is getting used because the fan spin up is very obvious
on a quiet computer.
Also keep Task manager open to monitor CPU and network use.

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