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Ok, I imagine this will only come in MUCH more expensive software...

There was 20 or so inserted 3-10 seconds segments of some person's idea of artistic effort.
They spent a good bit of time putting it in and I spent a good bit of time ripping it out.

Finding all the segments was a lot of work so I set the Thumbnails to 2 seconds and then could see several of them at a time.
Which was great but when I went to select the start and end frames...

Change 1 frame and the Thumbnails would take 6 seconds to adjust to that "1 frame" change.
So that was unusable.

I finally used the 2 second setting to "mark" the problem areas ("A") and then jumped to each mark and switched to single frame for editing.

That did work. But was really surprised at the 6 seconds it took for the 35? (2sec.)Thumbnails to adjust to any change. That's why I want 100 single frame Thumbnails.

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The thumbnail view and navigation of seems to be an issue. It has been getting progressively worse with each release. Switching between time frames as you say takes a lot of time to repaint them.
Lately when opening a file and positioning to an I/IDR frame and advancing a single frame it jumps to the next I/IDR frame, so I have to instead go back a frame, then forward a frame.
I almost always set thumbnail view to single frame for accurate cuts, unless there's an issue with audio dropouts (mainly with cable recordings) and I'll switch to display up to two seconds/thumbnail to get an overview and see where the audio drops out after consulting the log to get a time estimate.
Guess it must be resource intensive and they're tring to make it less so?
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