Way to burn AVCHD files to DVD with VRD?


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I capture HD video using a Hauppauge 1212 HDPVR and Arcsoft Total Media Extreme (TME). I record the files in AVCHD format and edit out the commercials in VRDtvsuitev4. Then I burn the AVCHD files to a DVD using TME. Is there a way to burn AVCHD files to a DVD within VRD? If so, is there a tutorial on how to do this or can someone give me a quick description? thanks!


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Authoring and burning files to a DVD using VideoReDo would create a SD DVD.​


I use VRD to edit and re-encode (if necessary) my Freeview HD recordings to H264 .ts files, then author them to AVCHD DVDs using MultiAVCHD and then burn (after testing) with ImgBurn. MultiAVCHD isn't the most user-friendly program or the most flexible but, with a bit of time and effort, you can good enough results. Read the guides at VideoHelp and stay with it and you should get good results. (MultiAVCHD can re-encode/transcode files to fit on a DVD but I find that the sound usually gets out of sync so I always do any re-encodes with VRD)

I've also got TMPGenc's Authoring Works 5, which can author AVCHD disks, but it always seems to want re-encode everything which is why I went to MultiAVCHD in the first place.

Edit: Both MultiAVCHD and ImgBurn are free but (I think) rely on donations. I am in no way involved with or (as far as I know) related to anyone who is involved with either project.
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Thank you for the replies! TME works well enough for basic HD recording of a 2 hr movie and authoring AVCHD title (after removing commercials) to a double sided DVD. TimA-C thanks for discussing alternatives, I'll take a look at them.
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