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Here is a quick rundown of the new features in v5

1) A new H.264 smart cutting engine that should eliminate the pixelation and freezing at cut points when doing a frame accurate edit. Note: New engine not supported on Windows XP. Will revert to the old engine automatically. If you have issues with the new cutting engine you can go to Shift+Tools>Options #51 and change the cutting engine method back to V4.

2) The ability to open and edit more formats. Smart editing will still be limited to MPEG-2 and H.264 but almost any file can now be opened and edited in VRD and will simply be transcoded at output. This applies to audio as well as video formats we do not support natively. So if you have an MPEG-2/H.264 video with an unsupported audio format we'll still allow smart editing, but the audio will be treated as PCM.

3) The audio subsystem has been completely overhauled. We now support multi-channel input and output (up to 8ch 32bit) with transcoding and dynamic up/down mixing and resampling. We also allow removal, duplication and rearranging of audio streams with individual transcoding/normalization settings for each stream.

4) Native support for DTS and DTS-HD audio.

5) An Intel QickSync encoder for faster encoding on SandyBridge and later Intel chips. To check for QuickSync support, go to Tools>Options>Intel Quick Sync and click "QuickSync information". (Note: Intel does not support QuickSync on Windows XP.)

6) A rotate and flip option for videos that were recorded with the wrong orientation on a cell phone. (requires recode)

7) A new modern, skinnable, UI. There are 3 skins included (standard, dark and high contrast) but users can create their own via XML and in a future upgrade we'll be adding a simple UI based skin editor.

8) A brand new batch manager that uses a watch folder style system so that it can be running in the background and start processing files as soon as they are queued. (it can also be run as-needed just like before) This allows us to do things like add/edit files or change the order of the list while it's actively running. In the future we plan to add support for user defined watch folders so that it can be used similar to VAP and automatically process files as they land in the folder.

9) A new COM interface with a clearer API that should make it easier for developers to access the functionality of VRD via scripts or software.

10) Lots of under the hood changes so we can more easily expand the functionality of VRD going forward.

There may be other things I'm forgetting, but those should be all the big ones.

We've been working on v5 for about a year and a half so hopefully it lives up to your, and our, expectations.

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