Where or When to do the QSF?... H264.TS file to H264.MP4 file with audio ms adj.


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Started wondering about QSFing the TS file first then convert to .MP4 with 225ms audio adj.

Or convert the TS to MP4 with 225ms audio adj THEN QSF the MP4?

The MP4 file conversion is a good bit smaller then the original TS file.



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QSF first, if needed, then convert and adjust audio in single output.

If you're doing a force recode, and not depending on the intelligent recode logic you can actually do all 3 in a single step. (QSF doesn't have access to some info needed for intelligent recode to work properly)


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Good to know!
Will try QSFing TS first then convert to mp4.

Thanks, (Happy New Year!)
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