Why doesn't anyone respond to e-mail or PN?


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Almost 10 days ago I made a request by e-mail regarding a UHD 4:2:2 capable per beta version. No answer.

Then I repeated the request here in the forum. No useful answer.

Then I wrote a PN to Danr with some data. No answer.

What is this? When I bought the pro version 1.5 years ago it was said that 4k UHD will be available soon and in the pro version also 4:2:2 integrated. I am still very satisfied with the h.264 pro version. But that nobody answers disappoints me very much.

There was an extensive and good contact 12/2017 before the purchase and now nothing happens. Not even an answer. I can't understand that. This is no way to deal with customers who bought the suite before the pro version.

Medical or other reasons can always intervene. But a short answer should always be possible. I hope I get an answer now and can test the beta.

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DanR doesn't respond to private messages on the forum. I don't see any emails in our support system that match the email you used for the forum. What email address did you use? Maybe it got blocked by spam filter.


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I used a different email address for the forum. But with the other e-mail address I often communicated with Dan and also with you. I am now writing you a PN with the correct e-mail address ... which is registered for pro.
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