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Running Version Trying to burn a DVD, I select some files, add them to the list of DVD files, click create DVD, click Author & Burn, it goes through the recode(?) process, I get to the Burn to DVD window, and there is a message "No DVD in Drive!". However, there IS a blank DVD in the drive and I know the drive is working because I can select "Create Disk Image" and then using Free Easy Burner, burn the image to the disk.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Can you try installing the latest beta to see if it helps...


If not then try this...

1) Download and install this driver (requires reboot after install)


2) Open VideoReDo, hold Shift and click Tools->Options. This will bring up a hidden list of options.

3) Near the bottom is one called "Burner protocol". Set that to 1.

Now simply launch the DVD burner by going to DVD->Launch DVD burner. Does it see the disc?

If that still doesn't work then you should try ImgBurn instead. Simply install ImgBurn then go back to the same hidden option mentioned above and set it to 3. Now when you click DVD->Launch DVD burner it should launch ImgBurn instead of our built in burner. ImgBurn is a little more robust and seems to work with drives that our burner does not. After it's setup the burning process will still be completely automatic, it'lljust use ImgBurn for the final burn stage.

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