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Thread: Edit video file data.

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    Default Edit video file data.

    I can't find an answer in FAQs.

    Here's the problem, I record something from a commercial channel, opened it and edited out all the ad's and found that for whatever reason the recording didn't end at the end of the program but continued and also recorded the following program.
    So now the archive, as Topfield call them, has been shortened down from well over four hours to just two. I transfer this file back into the Topfield so that it can be viewed on the TV, but the archive data still says it's four hours and thirty eight minutes long.

    Does VideoReDo Plus have a facility to edit the data for that file?

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    The answer is "we aren't sure". There are multiple Topfield devices and formats, for some of them we do update the duration in the metadata, but it's never been clear to us when the metadata updates actually work. Basically we have 3 problems with the Topfields:

    1. They aren't available here in the USA.

    2. The same model numbers use slightly different formats depending on the country they are purchased in.

    3. Even within the same model number, the file formats can change over time.

    Is the file you're editing a .ts, mpg, mp4 or .crid file?
    Dan Rosen ( VideoReDo )

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